Amara, the Goddess of War (WIP)

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Amara, the Goddess of War (WIP)

Post by Amara on 8/30/2012, 2:57 pm

Character Name: Amara

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Race: Saiyan

Appearance (Picture Recommended:)

Starting Location: Earth

Biography (150 words:) Amara was born on Planet Vegeta. When she was born, she had a really low powerlevel, barely reaching that of 10. Due to this, she was sent off to a distant world called Ralkaar in order to purge it of life and prove her worth to the the rest of her kind. The planet was filled with these Ralkaarians, a race of nomadic warriors that were very inept at using ki, only able to use it to sense other lifeforms. They were also rather primitive, using spears, bows and arrows and other such primitive weaponry. When she landed on Ralkaar, she was taken in by a small, nomadic warrior tribe, one of the Ralkaarians, the race that lived on the planet who looked like a race of upright, wolf-like humanoids. The warrior tribe was called the Nemuans, who had raised her to worship a deity that a Saiyan like her would believe in. This deity was known as Kuja, the Goddess of War. Legends told of how a kindly woman of their race and tribe had joined the field of battle in a great Tribe War that spanned across their, vast, jungle-like world. She was a well-renowned woman that was so powerful, it took three tribal lords to team up together to fight her on even ground. The battle went on for days before she was tired out and eventually fell to their blades, even though her power helped end the tribal war. It was said that when she died, she was lifted up to the heavens themselves and became a Goddess of War.

Amara was enamored with this tale of a once mortal woman that became a Goddess and she felt that the power she had was, much like the tribe she was raised in believed, to be gifted to her by the Goddess of War, effectively coming to the conclusion that she was the flesh and blood incarnation, the living, breathing avatar of the Goddess of War. During her time with the tribe, she was rather animalistic and wild child, grunting and screaming like an animal as she trained and grew stronger under their tutelage. As her power grew, her Saiyan-like persona started becoming more and more prominent.

Eventually, she became locked in a small skirmish by the Nemuan's tribal enemy, the Dranokian tribe. When she truly entered battle for the first, that was when her Saiyan bloodlust truly took over. She slaughtered the tribal enemies and she enjoyed it. The sounds of screaming, the cries of pain, the whimpering and the taking of another person's life. It was all so beautiful to her and it excited her, something she had never truly gained even when she sparred with the members of the Nemuan tribes. Her Saiyan bloodlust never left her even long after the battle was over with, fighting much more aggressively then she had ever done before.

She was becoming so aggressive and violent, in fact, that her tribe had ordered her exile. She was so completely enraged by this that she completely massacred the tribe of non-ki users after she had long managed to reverse-engineer using ki for herself. She then went about a bloodthirsty, enraged attack on the rest of the Ralkaarian's to such an extent she left none of them alive. There was no mercy for anyone and she honestly and deeply enjoyed the carnage she had wrought upon the fools that got in her way. She then left for her space pod, having a whole new desire. Her desire was to go around each planet in the entire universe and fight all the warriors there were to battle in the vast void of space. Her desire was to bring the wrath of the heavens to all she met and prove she was the mighty Goddess of War.


Strength: 50 + 50 + 25 (Race) = 125
Agility: 50 + 75 = 125
Ki: 50 + 25 = 75
Endurance: 50 + 25 = 75

You start with 50 technique points (TP). What abilities will you start with?

Attack Name: Maximum Blaster
Attack - Beam
You bring both of your hands above your head and charge up an orb of ki and then bring both of them forward, firing a beam. This attack can cause a Debilitating Wound.
Attack Rating: 3
Actions: 1
FP Gain: +40
Prerequisites: None
Learning: 50 TP

How did you find this site? I found it on that DBZ Top 25 sites list thing.

Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you? I was not referred to this site.

Roleplay Sample (250 words):

The young Saiyan Amara hovered high in the air as she hovered over even the tallest and most imposing of buildings, looking down at the vast metropolis that was West City, her long glove-covered arms crossed across her Battle Armor-clad chest. It appeared as if she had been there or a while when in reality, she had really just arrived. Ever since her arrival on the planet, she hadn't really been doing anything that was worthy of note, excluding her going from place to place that was inhabited by humans and scanning all the planet's inhabitants through the usage of her scouter. Her goal was simple, to find the strongest beings on each planet she visited and end their lives on the field of battle. As she took in her surroundings, she decided what this place was right off the bat. Instead of seeing this place as a heavily populated civilization filled to the brim with civilians, she saw a war zone, a wide open expanse where armies or small bands of warriors would charge and bring about glorious battle and wonderful war.

All those caught up in the beautiful battle that would no doubt take place here during her time on this planet would just be swept away by the raging tsunami of war that she will bring down upon them. If they were weak, they would die but if they were strong, then perhaps they would live but that was only if they managed to beat her. It was ten o'clock at night, a half moon was out and yet she could barely see any stars in the dark sky, mainly due to a combination of quite a few things; those things being the buildings that got in the way, the bright lights emanating from said buildings and the gathering of what appeared to be storm clouds that started appearing over the vast expanse of land that West City and it's populous inhabited. The various, overwhelming scents assaulted her sense of smell, the very appearance of these buildings were eyesores and the people were weak abominations that didn't deserve to share the same plain of existence as herself, a glorious Goddess of War.

Their times of peace will soon be over because they will soon be locked in a glorious war, murder, destruction, misery and bloodshed all around. It was she lived for, what she thrived on, especially because she felt her powers true use was to be in the starting and continuation of war and slaughter. That's all her powers were good for, waging war and destruction. She didn't even want to think of any other way she could use her powers. She felt her entire meaning of existence was to wage war and battle, that it was her path in life.

The buildings of West City were tall, imposing skyscrapers and small buildings a couple stories high, the majority of them being packed together with only a few them being just far enough apart to have a few sparse alleyways that dotted around the impressive, tall and overwhelming structures of steel, stone and glass that made up the vast, heavily populated city. Her objective was rather simple, scan this world's inhabitants of any worthy foes, find them and eliminate them. It was all a part of her ambition, her goal of proving to the entire universe that she was at the pinnacle of might and that she was a woman of peerless might.

So far, from what she had seen, she had yet to find anyone that she could fight to help her on her quest of becoming the greatest. Since she couldn't do that, she felt that she should just wipe out all the teeming vermin that inhabited this mud-ball of a planet. It would at least allow her to hone her combat skills a bit more because after all, gaining more battle experience was always a good thing. She doubted it was even possible to ever get too good at something. While no one could ever be perfect or infallible in any way, it was at least possible to get so good at whatever it is you do that others might perceive you to be perfect.

She examined the city with narrowed eyes, looking at the vast expanse of metal, glass, stone and bustling Earthlings with a critical gaze, her ebony locks blowing in the wind as her precious tail that she had wrapped around her waist twitching every time there was a breeze, the softly blowing wind tickling her tail slightly. While she was examining her surroundings and making demeaning, judgmental calls on what she was seeing, her nose twitched when the occasional, nauseating city smell assaulted her sense of smell and made her skin turn a slight shade of green as she felt a small amount of bile come up from her stomach.

"Soon, this entire world and all that inhabit it will be crushed by my overwhelming power. I shall drink from the chalice of war and then strike them all down with the ferocity of a tsunami. The wave of destruction will crash down onto these teeming vermin and they will all meet their end at the hands of the Goddess of War" she said to herself under her breath, a glint of excitement lighting up her coal-black eyes. The very thought of bring war down onto these sniveling weaklings was a thought that sent a course of adrenaline through her veins and lit the fire inside her warrior soul. The sheer of thought of the massive war and carnage she will bring down on these disgustingly peaceful swines made her Saiyan blood-lust come bubbling up to the surface, causing a smirk that was malicious in nature slither onto her face as the expression in her eyes changed from excitement to dark, sadistic glee. Murdering these hapless civilians, while being considered wrong by most, is not really considered barbaric or cowardly to Amara. She feels war and destruction are the two greatest things she can give a society. War and destruction were both ecstasy, they were like aphrodisiacs to her, they lit a fire in her and it made her feel truly alive. Killing civilians is a part of war and as such, she doesn't see anything wrong with it since it makes her feel truly alive.

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Re: Amara, the Goddess of War (WIP)

Post by Chi Chi on 8/30/2012, 5:36 pm

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