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San Shaku(Custom)

Post by San on 9/4/2012, 1:39 am

Character Name: San Shaku

Age 20

Gender: Male



Starting Location: Earth

Biography 150 words:
San was born on Planet Vegeta under two Saiyan parents. His father was a warrior, and a very strict one at that and his mother was somewhat more thawed. Fighting was all San had to live with and he was pretty good at it. His father trained him everyday, wanting him to be strong. His parents expected a lot from San and he could not disappoint them.

He had many quirks about him in life. He got along with most of the children and liked being friends with a lot of them through training exercises. He was a fierce fighter, top of his class for a low leveled warrior. Later on, he had surpassed his parents in prowess and agility. So, they allowed him to have his first mission. The objective was to travel to Namek and claim the planet for the planetary trade federation. He was honestly excited, happy to show where his training has gotten him.

He boarded his pod spaceship, the coordinates punched in. He was on his way to Namek. However, something went wrong and jambled up the coordinates. He was redirected to a new world at a high speed. In the crash, his spacepod shot open and he rolled out, breaking his scouter. Without a way to contact home and on a strange world, he wanders the Earth in search of a way to fix his only ticket home.


You start with 50 as a base for each attribute and have 200 attribute points (AP) you may distribute amongst them.

Strength: 50+100=150
Agility: 50+25=75
Ki: 50+25=75
Endurance: 50+50=100

You start with 50 technique points (TP). What abilities will you start with?
Attack - Wave
You bring your hands behind your back and gather ki. Once charged, you thrust your hands forward, with palms together, and unleash a large wave.
Attack Rating: 3
Actions: 1
FP Gained: +38
Prerequisites: None
Learning: 50 TP

Zenkai - After a Saiyan battles, they gain +150 AP. They also gain +5% XP on spars and battles.

How did you find this site? Google

Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you? No one

Roleplay Sample:

Well the sable hair woman was more willing to give her name than the tan man but personally, he didn't mind. The two seemed friendly and that was all he wanted. He smiled and scratched the side of his head. He followed Sebastion down the hill and stumbled a little bit, falling to his knees. He was still a little groggy from waking up so he was a little clumsy."Well it's mighty nice to meet you, Fang and Mysterious Man" He saw as Fang pointed her thumb back, he was confused until she had said something. "Fang, you're a life saver. I'll go with you guys, you two seem like very nice people."He said. He was raring to get anywhere away from this place. Considering the circumstances, he could never do this himself. His eyes wandered curiously as the female was introduced as Vanille. "Ohh, so your name is Vanille, mighty nice to meet all of you."He said, smiling lightly."I'm Erik Storm, call me Erik or I'll make you laugh."He warned playfully, poking a little bit at the cheerful girl since he himself was sort of a reflection to it.

At the mention of saving the world, Erik's smile faded to a blank look before he gave a laugh, brushing a fist to the older woman's arm and smiled at her with a hand to his hip."Silly goose, only so much four people can do."He said and scratched the back of his head. He grinned at Vanille's dramatic sigh and silly imput."Well, as long as we're together, we can do anything"He patted his own chest with pride while giving a grin to the young girl."And I'll do my best to protect all of you, A hero does that right?"

At the mention of Oerba, Erik was truly curious. He had never been to the village before. Hell, He had never been to the Crystal Fields or anywhere near Gran Pulse. He had spent most of his life on cocoon and his memory was extremely fuzzy as to why he had awoken in the fields in the first place. What was his focus? But he was getting off track. He walked closer into the group and looked around to them."So..what's Oerba like? Is it a nice place?"He asked someone..anyone who would be willing to answer him. His eyes settled on them all, particularly the tattoo on Fang's right arm. It was faded but he could see it. It looked like a brand. His hand immediately went to his left shoulder, right above his pectoral muscle where his own brand was, covered by the navy blue top.

It was then that the man spoke. His eyes went to Sebastion, his fellow male and he immediately took his hand from his shoulder and put both on his hips, smiling to the two woman."Ya know what? Mr Mysterious guy is right, we better get moving if we want to make it to Oerba before these monsters find us..I'm still a little winded from sleeping myself so like Vanille said, onward march?"He said and turned to Fang, smiling and scratching the side of his head."I'll follow you."

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Re: San Shaku(Custom)

Post by Chi Chi on 9/5/2012, 10:08 pm

Wecome to IDBZ


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