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An Enraged Force - Complete

Post by Gohan on 9/4/2012, 11:50 am

The colorful hues of dawn slowly began lurking over the treeline, he could hardly spot the sun through the thick forestry; it was the inception of the sunrise to cast it's brilliance for yet another day. Though this was the time he should be watching at the top of the hill, instead he was wasting time on completing his math assignment; though he was with urgency he spent alot of time attempting to complete one of the most difficult questions on homework history. His hand swam through his hair, swallowing nervously as he he could notice the sun was almost above the trees. "C'MON!" With a mad, impatient accent he struck his hand onto his wooden desk. Forcing the other elements of his room to jump, he noted Icarus was doing something in the back yard; probably feeding on the radishes as last time.

Gohan pouted softly as he closed his blank notebook, and rushed outside the room, pausing at the door as he checked the hallway for his mother's presence. He slowly crept to the kitc hen, and approached the fridge; opening it with repose. It's cold air bloomed his bare arms, he responded with only an "Ah" as he grinned with comfort. He began his research for any interesting snack, there were several sandwiches placed along each other which were probably made by his mother; Gohan snatched one with a guess of it's components as he hungrily bit at it. It was correct, he had guessed it correct; a beef hamburger enlivened with delicious ketchup and mozzarella. He devoured on the mixture with pleasure, continuing on for a seat in the living room. As it happened, he leaned over the couch conveniently, holding the portable remote of the T.V. He took a few moments to study it's construction, there were many buttons that Gohan couldn't comprehend with. They all looked the same, he dropped his jaws as he went totally nuts; he touched the red button but it seemed it hadn't switched the T.V on.

Only his mother in this family was able to use this joke, as he attempted to touch all buttons but failed on changing anything. With a bit of anger, he applied force onto the red button again; suddenly the screen flashed into existence. In a puzzled state, he rose a brow as he watched the moving animations. Switching to all channels available, he switched off the T.V the moment he had opened it. Everything was boring as hell, with the snack finished of course; he left out for the backyard. He blinked twice as he noticed an abnormal matter within the yard. The wind slapped his face harshly, until suddenly a newspaper struck over his head and flapped rapidly. It was as if a crow was nipping at a ragdoll, Gohan pulled the angry paper and flattened it to read. Nothing interesting as usual, until his eyes caught of an image of a familiar landscape. That island was next to Master Roshi's!

He was then interrupted by Icarus's screech as the dragon glided over the sun, Gohan smirked as he finally realized that Icarus was wandering in the forest, at least it was better than eating all of the radishes. An outlandish signature arrived over the mountain, probably making it's way to his House. It wasn't that much of a threat, but it made sense that someone was searching for either his father, his mother or Gohan himself. Whether that or not, a shadowy figure appeared within the depths of the lush and forestry, suddenly a young girl emerged from within. To his surprises, it was the same girl that had healed him the day he had confronted the destructive android. With hesitation he neared her, attempting to learn the reason she had came as he approached.

"I have expected to find you here." She said with a smile.

"Well, what do you want from me?" Gohan said curiously.

"I have seen aliens setting up a camp here, and I've been spying on them since they set foot on this mountain. They intend on assaulting and stealing your house." She pointed at his home, Gohan was almost unable to speak; he could not imagine his mother getting harmed.

"Thanks for telling, I'll take it from here." Gohan furrowed his brows as he frowned at the forest, as if he could watch the creatures from his location. Actually, there miles away from here; but that meant it would take them only a few minutes to reach here with flight.

"Can't I at least help?" She said disappointed, she was definitely willing to help him even though she had saved his life once.

"I don't want you to get involved in this, you might get hurt."With honesty, he definitely needed some help but he still doubted her abilities in combat; judging by her power level that barely entered the thousands.

"Don't worry, I can handle myself well." She said as she turned, with a wink she waved back. "Oh, and don't forget that most fighters can hide their true powers, will ya?"

She was making fun of him, she had the right to however. He completely forgot the fact that she may be suppressing it. Gohan then approached the settled newspaper and continued researching for useful information, Gohan felt depress spreading through the atmosphere; something was completely incorrect in the day's routine and it seemed it was getting clear for him as he feared the truth. He knew his father was battling with a mysterious creature; it was as if his great power had passed from this world. He stopped his steps and glanced at the ground in a shocked way. Suddenly, his mind forced his vision to travel deep into it's core; an immediate flash brought a scene where his father was falling from the highest level of the skies in uncontrollable ways. Until he realized the truth, his heart suddenly paused for a moment. His eyes expanded wider as he stared at the clear terrain in a cold emotion.

The air was tense, conspicuously tense. It was almost as if forestry was his only intimate, the repeatedly breezes of wind, oddly seemed to break into some sort of monsoon; seemingly mingled with a tremulous, unnatural juncture. Surely, the world was soon to merge with the fall season; but the winds felt almost fatal too early. Either that, or it is just his depressed morale that would switch over the climate within a blink of an eye. The trees around him began to disperse into nothingness, resulting over shattered trunks that awfully decorated the newly open landscape. Almost immediately, one of the broken pieces produced a blazing smell; snapping rapidly until he realized that was the beginner of a great, terrible fire. Flames built every moment it had connected to another piece of trunks, rising above his height with ease, the smoke began overwhelming the somber sky; darkening it from ashy to deep black.

His mind was blank, only imagining the left ruins of a battlefield, where his parent had been battling the worst monster, filled with dread and agony. He had executed thousands of innocents, Roshi, Yamcha and his father? What could be so powerful? Gohan couldn't help but conceive the creature as an invincible stealthy assassin. The flames began ascending into a circlet of fires, it was almost as if a tinder substance had sacrificed itself within the basis at first. The fire had it's growth at a speed above a lightning strike's, however; it suddenly paused at high trace. Merely after it began closing in the gap, yet slowly this time; this however motioned him to do something and fast. The foreign soil's temperature rose with astonishing haste. Gohan would be definitely dispatched not too long, his existence would not last long after all. Spiritual energy began to form onto a thick barrier, only to crack and suddenly implode to dozens and dozens of fragments.

Stunningly, as if a Hulk had punched his way to a glass. The flames tore through the soft particles of the terrain, it was apparently at a higher speed rate than last time he had reviewed it. The barrier was his most useful defenses against conditions like these, Gohan was definitely going to earn himself a visit to Other World. He simply dropped to his knees, burying his fingers through the soil in an angry manner. As he jerked his head at the floor, suddenly, he struck his fist into the soil; resulting a ground rumble. As it forced the particles of the remaining soil to jump, his lips twisted into a snarl; grunting several times before he grew repetitive in the process. Jerking his fist for the conclusive, he gently planted his bleeding hand over the unaffected dirt. His eyes watered up, trickling down his face as they were tossed into the sod. Strangely, steam danced up his physic within an unrelenting procedure.

His aura blasted into life, tearing it's way as it evolved it's size with little effort. However, another add up was arrived with this power up. The aura began illuminating itself from blank white to bright yellow, then a layer of gold covered up it's original hue. His thick hair drifted from ebony to deep crimson, then immediately spiked up on it's end. Suddenly, he was on his feet; departing his jaws as he erupted a distant scream. Absolutely distinct from the heavens themselves, his pupils abruptly faded away. His aura, thus, grew twice it's limited size. Gohan was in a sub-conscious state, unaware of his ascendance these redolent moments.

His vision went black, as he limply fell to a halt. Reverting himself to his normal form.

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