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Post by Future Gohan on 9/5/2012, 9:31 pm

Name: Kraut
Race: Saiyan
Military Rank: Lieutenant General
Class: Elite
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Estimated Level: 70
Key Attributes: Ki and Endurance
Signature Abilities: Death Gale, Death Razor, Scatter Shot, Kakusandan
Personality: Kraut is both manipulative and smart. He has a friendly demeanor, but it is most likely a facade.
Biography: Most of his history is unknown, but what is known is that Kraut is a soldier above all else. He joined the Saiyan Army as all young men do and worked his way up the ranks. He know stands as the Lieutenant General and an Elite Saiyan within the military. He had coerced Gohan into joining the military and ever since then has made continuous appearances in his day to day life.
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