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Character Name:

Wizara, master of the ki blade






Wizara is a short, slim saiyan. He Has red hair about the size of Gokus and green eyes. He wears purple training cloths with an insignia of his mentor from Vegeta on the front and a yellow shirt underneath. Wizara also wears big shoulder pads and white cape.

Starting Location:

Biography :

Wizara was born and raised in a small Saiyan village in the northern parts of planet Vegeta. He was born into an elite family but upon his birth he had a power level of only one.
His father disowned him early for his weakness and killed his mother for bearing such a weak child. Soon after his father took a new wife and by the time Wizara was three years old he had 2 younger brothers, both born with high power levels.

The next few years Wizara was bullied by his brothers and when he talked to his father he simply ignored him. By the age of 15 Wizara ad been beaten nearly to death more then a dozen times by his brothers and on e fateful night the cut his tail of and burned the wound.

Beaten senseless by his brothers and grieving his tail Wizara fled his village into the dessert nearby. And in the dim yellow glow that night he mastered the keen edged ki moves. He swore he was a weakling no more.

For the next six years Wizara trained in solitude making his ki blade sharper every time he swung it. He put his body on the verge of collapse every day. And finally the day arrived when he felt strong enough.
Wizara hated the saiyans. He hated a culture where the weak were trampled and the strongest did nothing about it. That night he went back to his home town. He was going to confront his brothers, Kahn and Durrok. Then he would climb the ladder in the military and try to change the ways of his people.


You start with 50 as a base for each attribute and have 200 attribute points (AP) you may distribute amongst them.

Strength: 60
Agility: 110
Ki: 110
Endurance: 110

You start with 50 technique points (TP). What abilities will you start with?
Ki blade
How did you find this site?
Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you?

Roleplay Sample :

A confrontation of no brotherly love.

As Wizara approached his old village he saw pillars of smoke coming up from the direction where it should be. These were not the normal kind of smoke fro the factories these where much thicker and darker in color. He got chills down his spine as he found himself flying faster and faster.

As he got closer he saw his father’s grand citadel standing out. It reached the sky but he saw it was not the shiny beacon of power his father had spent a fortune on keeping clean. It was dirty and a little bit crooked. When he came even closer he saw the entire village had been destroyed except for the tower.

A few minutes later he landed in the middle of the village surrounded by death and devastation. “This is truly the work of saiyans.” Wizara thought. “But who could defeat my father and my brothers.”
At that very moment he saw someone tring desperately to crawl out of a wreckage and he went over to help. He saw that it was a young woman. “Your brothers…” she coughed. “They killed your father in his sleep.. you must stop them they are insane.” As she spoke those words the woman died.

Wizara stood up. His entire body langue was that of a man ready to burst. As he looked up to his fathers tower he felt two powers come from inside. Standing his ground he launched a massive kiai at the tower and yelled; “YOU BASTARDS, YOU THINK BECOUSE YOU WERE BORN WITH POWER YOU CAN TRAMPLE ANYONE IN YOU PATH, YOUR STUPIDITY KNOWS NO BOUNDS EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE MY BROTHERS YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO LIVE! SHOW YOURSELF ARE ARE YOU TO AFRAID TO FACE ME, BUT I PROMISE YOUR DEATHS SHALL BE SWWIFT FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!”

Wizara saw his brothers fly out of the tower towards him, there speed was massive a tirck the had used to scare him when he was to weak to see them. “Hello, weakling.” Kahn calmly said as he appeared in front of Wizara. “Long time no see, to bad you will die for your insolence.”
Wizara knew what would happen next. Right before Durrok tried to grab him from behind he moved at high speed to avoid the grab. But Kahn saw through his ruse and shot a mouth blast after him. Just before the blast hit him Wizara materialized his ki blade and used it to deflect the attack.

“Your speed has grown to be impressive weakling.” As Kahn spoke those words he felt an energy coming from behind and found himself with a slim tip of ki blade through his throat. “To bad yours hasn´t” Wizara said with a faint smile.

He pulled his blade out of Kahn and in the same second he cut Durrok int three pieces. Wizara cried as he crumbled a nearby mountin to bury his old village. He did not realize why, living there had been hell for him, but still he did.

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Re: Wizara

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You've been accepted. Welcome to IDBZ!


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