Climbing up the giant ladder

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Climbing up the giant ladder

Post by Gohan on 9/9/2012, 6:27 am

Korin's Tower

Easy Quest

Requirement: None

Reward: 1,000 zeni

There is rumored to be a powerful entity that guards Earth. He is said to be wise and all-knowing, residing upon his lookout high in the heavens. Legend states that if one were to find this guardian, they would be granted untold power. Go to Korin’s Tower. Climb into the heavens and see if the legends are true. Be warned, Korin will know if you take the lazy man’s route by flying


Gohan ogled his view up at the top of Korin's tower, there's a propagate that indicates the reason it was built, from what he could remember in his conversation with Roshi or at least what he comprehended; that it was built in purpose to honor a great hero of ancient history. Though, his master never stated if that hero was actually Korin himself or a mysterious hero that prevailed in the early life? Not that it mattered anyway, he was posed by the base of the great building; readying for a journey that might last longer than a day. If his father climbed this in three days, then it would certainly take Gohan much more than that. Sometimes he would just inquire himself why he's wasting his time on this nonsense, but would still resist as he knew it was the only method to get well prepared before traveling to the distant space.

It was currently somewhere between afternoon and Evening, the sun was barely near the treeline and hardly was at the center of the horizon.

Gohan planted his boot first, stretching his arms as they grasped onto the decorations that fitted for a hand to get hooked over. He successfully hung into it as he no longer needed the ground to begin. Surely, he needed it for the tower to stand on one peace; he chuckled at imagining the tower limply cascade over it's side like a simple toy that was tossed by a child. He slowly branched his right arm ahead; attempting reach for the second portion of this bypass. He continued on with haste, his pace increased as he traveled vertically; he began skipping several parts as he covered long jumps with ease. Everything was going normally and he was getting used to it fast. Normally, he would pause for a brief rest; instead he would continue on even when he's parching as he ascended. Furrowing both eyes, several droplets of stress trickled down the opposite way; he parted his jawline as his gasp deepened every moment that passed.

His gi was bothering the process, quickly he paused at a halt and bit at his shirt; tearing it off as he continued. His speed increased greatly, the cool air that brushed over his muscular physic was dramatically refreshing. With almost beyond his limit of fatigue, it seemed his limiters had failed him as it has been almost 10 hours of climbing without a bit of a pause. Since he first set foot over this skinny tower; closing on midnight; there was no way he would manage to sleep or even rest in a monkey-like manner. Unless he had something to wrap around himself and stick into the tower for a few hours. Gohan stopped to focus on how he would spend this night resting, it would've been much simpler if he still had that tail attached to his rear. Yet there was no reasonable purpose for it's existence; he is glad that he didn't have a tail until now.

Otherwise, his colleagues in school would mock him as the please. After all, he could liberate their teeth from their mouths if he wished so; it could be better off if he kept things under cover. Glancing around, he softly grunted as he found himself out of options. However, noticing the distance far below him had shoved shrills down his spine. Which forced his teeth to shiver as the hilarious looking emotion struck over his chafed one. Having no choice but to stay hanging into it, he couldn't help but hope that his percentage of falling wouldn't dwindle while he slept. He tightened up his hands around it and restfully closed his eyes; drifting into bedtime.


Uncommonly, he had found it day already; hanging as usual into the tower. With upset, feeling that he never even rested enough. Continued on climbing, suddenly, the first step failed somehow; forcing him to triple down a bit before being unable to grasp anymore. Screaming and terrified, the ground was approaching fast; as if almost he was just a regular and inexperienced human. He stared with fear, realizing it was death time...


Confusingly, the scene happened twice; this time it was morning and the 'Sacred Land Of Korin' arrived into his vision up side down. "Huh?" Slowly he struggled to look up, finding his legs were tightly around the tower while his body hung limp towards the ground. Strangely, it was his arms that he wrapped tightly into the tower; not his legs. He panicked and quickly settled himself in the correct form once again. It was a new day alright, but there was still left alot to climb. Hopefully if he climbed quickly, he might just make it by dawn. As he climbed, climbed and climbed; and climbed again..

A crow's distant screech switched Gohan's attention, it was uncommon for any flying creature to reach far up. It suddenly flashed up before his face, biting at his bare arm several times; Gohan didn't like watching animal abuse. But hurting them himself was extremely spiteful, however; the crow was suspiciously not an ordinary bird. It had something indifferent within it's genes, the peculiar thing was it had no pupils within it's eyes; Gohan afterwards realized it was a constructed bird. Angrily, he narrowed his eyes with determination of his accuracy in kicking the unfortunate bird. With a strike of his foot aimed at it's beak, it twirled in the sky and fell beyond the clouds he had ascended from. Leaving a wake of a secluded screech that echoed repeatedly over his mind. Shaking his head, he loitered forth.

He was in a matter of parch and was severely starving, yet he refused the option of giving up this challenge. His excitement was fueled with the thought of eating as he applied force into his feet and took a long jump, quickly maintaining balance as he held his body with struggle. Confirming this technique was not completely safe for use, he simply climbed regularly with little boredom; producing several 'hms' from his silent mouth with an attempt to entertain himself. It was closing onto sunset, only 12 more hours and he'd be able to view the top!

As it passed, the beautiful moonlight brightened the darkened treeline of Korin's forest, he could remember the day where the infant girl Aqua had gestured him towards this tower, it would be unlikely if he'd find her up there. A circular oval appeared as a young star within a large distance, excitedly he took a quick climb instead of his lazy one. Imagining his training as he climbed, he smiled as he began feeling almost done of this journey that took him two days and a half. He finally stretched his arm for the final and last time, pulling his torso up as he rolled over and brought all of his body laying over the tiled flooring. Panting furiously, he noted Korin's presence only mere inches away, his raspy, old and wise voice sounded behind.

"Well well, I suppose I have a new student to train." He said, with a chuckle.

"I guess... can I ask you something?" He paused the panting and looked straight at Korin's shifty eyes.

"Shoot it."

"Did you ever climb this tower, to know if you're worthy enough to train people?"His innocent accent as usual, he knew Korin wouldn't answer and would try to avoid such conversations.

"I'll tell you someday, but not today." Korin said as he leaned his paws over his crane, he turned his attention at a bush; it was one of the bushes that grow up the magical Senzu beans.

"There's something with that plant. I can see that, is there anything I can do so I can help?" Gohan inquired, standing over his feet as he stood in a lazy manner.

"I'll tell you everything tomorrow, you must be tired." He paused, but before Gohan could reply he continued. "Go on inside, Go rest for tomorrow and sleep well; I have a serious mission for you tomorrow." He commanded, turning and entering his usual chamber.

With curiosity, he neared the weak bush; burying his hand into the soil and taking a handful of the multiplied particles. He learned about farming, his father had told him everything about it; this soil was fine but it seems the bush had something wrong about it. Although he couldn't remember what happened afterwards he had learned of his father's death, he could pretty much tell he had fainted from too much power up that forced him to lose conscious.

"I wonder what would be the last mission before I go to Kami, I'll need to go to him soon. But..." He said as he eyed back at Korin's dimmed chamber. "I suppose Korin is my master now." He stood onto his feet, weakly stepping over the same room, his vision began to shift into blurry blotches; where he barely had seen anything.

A foreign voice began echoing within his mind, without even understanding; a black background closed onto his remaining sight. With out even knowing it, his chin bumped into the floor. Fainting and sleeping at the same time, he let out a final "uh" for the night.


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