Sixteen Saga Part 4

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Sixteen Saga Part 4

Post by Android 16 on 9/14/2012, 5:03 pm

(NOTE: Sixteen Saga happens chronlogical before all the scenarios. For IC purposes)

Android 16 had been brought to West City. The buildings were very glamorous and stood strong and mighty against the fierce wind of the city’s mountainous location. Android 16 crossed his arms while he leaned against the building of the police building while David, Juan and Kayla had begun talking to her Father at Capsule Corporation. The deal was very simple, it wasn’t like they could bring and android home and ask to keep him like some pet. Instead, they made arrangements for him to live on his own accord. He will live at capsule corporation where he will in exchange agree to let them analyze his blueprint and weapon’s systems and at the same time work for the police department as it’s latest recruit. Having an Android around would be great for riot situations, bomb defusing and other tasks too dangerous for average police work. As stated by Darbie's dad an Android officer would really be a "big life saver" to the force. The ability of being bullet proof is already going to be a big help and may be the diffrence of getting crime rates down.

Sixteen looked up and saw the birds again, the distinct features and images missed by most humans are noticed high in detail to the Android, a few of the birds have been following him to the city since the desert, as if they had some sort of un-named kinship. Android 16 smiled, and it was very rare for him to smile indeed. His fascination with flight seemed unbearable to grasp, he knew deep inside him was a child wanting to sprout wings and join the birds in the air.

“You have a pretty cute smile!” Darbie said, looking up at the Android. Sixteen looked down and returned to his neutral expression. “Complement Received, returning courtesy...Thank you.”

“You know, you don’t have to speak so formally. You are part human after-all. I mean... All androids were once human weren’t they?” She asked, her big blue eyes looking at the Android’ face.

“My scanner’s since that indeed I was composed of Organic Material at some point. My record shows I was indeed once human. However, it does not give me a name other than Subject Sixteen, nor does it state what I was prior to my transformation into an Android.”

“So in other words you were human once... “

“That is an affirmative.”

“Well, I consider you human, flesh or steel! You know you did save our lives in the desert! We never all did properly say thank you!”

“They were low threat to me, but they may have done worse to you and your squad mates.” The Android stated.

“Squad Mates?” she laughed, “Can’t you ever be casual.”

“My motor functions cortex is still encoded with military dialect and phases, adding new words such as “Dude” and “Totally” would be confusing and would seldom be used at inappropriate times.”

Darbie shared a brief Laugh, “haha I can see that! Like in the middle of a hostage negotiation or something you’ll be like... “DUDE.... lel her go...” “

The two shared a brief laugh as the rest showed up.

“Everything’s set up. They made a room for you at Capsule Corp Sixteen.”

“I give thanks, I wouldn’t know where to begin paying you. Perhaps my first paycheck would be to treat you all to something you’ll enjoy. A concert or movie perhaps?”

“SURE!” David yelled out. Juan gave him a quick jab to the side and stated. “Not needed, after all... what are friends for?”

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