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Post by Cell on 9/15/2012, 1:00 am

Demons Below

Medium Quest

Requirement: None

Reward: 2,000 zeni and +15 Hero Points

During your sleep you are visited by the Fortune Teller Baba, who hovers on her mysterious crystal ball. She asks for your help, promising you will be rewarded handsomely. Within a cave deep beneath the frigid cold Northern Mountains lies an old gateway to Other World. Baba had a vision of a girl possessed by demons going to open the gate. Head into the depths to investigate and seal the gateway before demons pour in from Other World.

Cell sat outside the home he and his comrades shared since Broly had decided to burn down their mansion. He was still fairly pissed about that, considering all the baking 'materials' he had lost in his Murder basement. Of course he had created another in the basement of this little hut to keep himself entertained and calm. It wasn't as spacious, and so there were less specialized rooms. Still he found himself fairly content. His mind had calmed considerably since consuming the Hero of Earth.

The nagging constant screech in his mind to kill him had finally been silenced. He could tell that since that moment he had somehow gotten far stronger. It was almost as if he had entered a form closer to perfection. That was his next goal now, to quell the hunger he still had. Even though that had also been severely reduced in the level of agony in comparison to what he had gotten used to, it slowly built up to higher levels if he did not feed regularly. If such a thing had been put onto a human, it would be a curse that would drive them insane in a matter of days.

He took a deep breath and stood from his resting position on the roof of the home. The sky was darkening slowly as he looked around. He felt restless, as if something were coming or as if he needed to go do something that he could not remember. It had been the reason he had sat atop the home. He had been working in his basement the greater part of the day, though he couldn't calm the restless feeling. It had been quite annoying, almost infuriating. He had to do something about it as he hated the effect it was having on him.

He kicked off from the top of the home, being careful not to damage the place as they would have a more difficult time getting it repaired should it be damaged. After all, there would not be a place to hide himself until the repairs were done. The reason for hiding was to, first and foremost, get the property repaired. The second was that he always ate the repair men, and used the money from their banking accounts to pay the bill. He had become quite the shrewd business-monster since he had eaten so many entrepreneurs. He also used the accounts of the many people he had consumed to keep it from being obvious that something was going on, as otherwise he would have to transfer the money all into one account.

Right now he could not be bothered with such trivial matters, and so took care not to cause himself undue work. Broly he assumed would probably cause enough damage soon enough. The Sayians incredible strength made It hard for him to control himself. Hell, pouring a glass of milk without destroying the carton and the glass was a feat for him. He briefly wondered where he was at the moment, before deciding it did not matter. It wasn't as if he was going to ask him to join him in his small adventure to find and kill whatever was making him restless. He didn't require such help, and when the two creatures were in contact for too long they often would begin brawling with each other.

He used his natural ability to fly towards the sunset. The more he went, the more he felt the restless feeling. It felt somewhat like what a human would as they prepared to march 'confidently' towards the battle field. The sense of an impending battle of some sort. The emotion acted, strangely enough, as a compass to help guide him towards his destination. Perhaps it was his own natural instincts combined with Goku's that provided such a thing. He did not know, and he didn't care. He simply wanted to be able to rest and enjoy his new found level of peace. In truth, it was actually closer to a “murderous Zen.” What would he find just over the horizon? Only time would tell.

As it turned out, time told him that it was a mountain. The large natural structure gave off a very strong aura. It was putrid and thick with malicious intent. He gazed upon it for a moment, before noticing an entrance to a cave. There, more than any other from what his senses told him, was the greatest concentration of the aura. Normally it would be enough to make onlookers sick with nausea and headaches. Those unfortunate enough to enter the cave for whatever reason would die as their soul was corrupted and destroyed. Though that would take some time, the headaches given would daze the victim to the point that they would be incapable of making rational decisions. This would not happen to the behemoth monster as he moved towards the cave. After all, when it was all said and done, his aura was very similar in strength. It was just as thick with pure evil and hate as this was, if not more so.. It felt like Death itself was stalking those close enough to him. He stood at the entrance for a moment. Just before he walked in, he felt a massively powerful aura coming from behind him. He sighed, as he knew it very well. Broly was coming for whatever reason.

He turned to look in the distance, where he could see the genetically superior Sayian approaching fairly quickly. In fact he could hear a distant sound, that of roaring wind as his comrade came without any regard towards hiding his aura. It did not surprise Cell for a few reasons. Namely that he might literally be incapable of such a thing, that he simply did It to draw attention and bring on more victims, and finally because he was currently the strongest being on the planet. Cell might be the Apex predator, but if he had any competition for that spot, this man was it. He waited patiently for the man to arrive, while doing so he wondered on the reason for him to follow.

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