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Gohan And The Wicked Beast Empty Gohan And The Wicked Beast

Post by Gohan on 9/29/2012, 7:46 am

Senzu Magic

Medium Quest

Requirement: Must have completed Korin's Tower.

Reward: 1,200 zeni and a Senzu Bean.

As miraculous as the legendary Senzu Beans are, it takes a lot of time and energy for Korin to grow them. Recently one of the bushes that produce the beans has withered and died. Korin has asked you to go into the Forest of Ancients and fetch him some spring water packed with rare minerals to help revive the planet. Beware, it is said the spring is guarded by a wicked beast...


Gohan stretched his neck out of his hand-made tent to take a peek at the horizon, the sky was in it's early faint hue, flustered with a beautiful add up of a dark apricot. The sun was still lurking to raise into the sky for a new day. And the clouds were still young and narrow, also presenting it's early color of light crimson. His eyes were still neglected, the lids had just stretched only a few moments ago. He bridged out his arm, attempting to crawl out his weak body out of the tent. Having a tremble within his limbs, he struggled to stand up on his feet. Not completely successful, he was unable to show his full-height; as his knees were in a feeble state. His face was also pale. It was probably the only thing that weakened him, if not somebody stamping his tail; then it was hunger. And likely more for climbing the damn tower the day before.

A signature of Korin's presence had created a doubt that he wasn't watching, his wooden stick pointed outside the chamber's area; which had indicated that he was actually present. He stepped out, showing his short figure, yet astounding mental powers. He had a faint smile on his jawline, but it was completely confusing for him to smile while his student is withered, in need of food.

"You seem tired, eh?" Korin said, his voice was combined with an unusual croaky tone of his familiar and raspy one. He could tell he had just also got up from bed, or whatever he lays on for sleep.

"Y-yeah.. I... can't... move.." Gohan even struggled to speak, even his tongue was too weak to act without hunger. Boy, his life had always depended on food.

"Well, then come on. I have some breakfast for you." He heeled around, entering his chamber again. Within mere seconds, a plate filled with pasta and delicious chunks of turkey; swimming inside a beautiful crimson soup of tomato. The sight of the meal was mouthwatering, but the peculiar thing that it was hovering alone. As it neared him, Korin popped out again; it made sense he was using his physic powers to hand Gohan the plate. I wonder if Korin had ever left his crane from hand...

He extended out his reach, the plate was placed on his flat palms; peacefully he fell to his back. And began the routine of breakfast.


After the adventure of his meal, he had regained his energy once again. With enthusiasm, he began jumping in excitement. The pace of his heart beats increased, as blood pumped through his every vein. Korin, however, began instructing Gohan on the mission he had mentioned the day before.

"Look kid, this plant used to grow Senzu Beans. But it has died, you'll have to go and fetch me some of the ancient water in the lake that is located within the depths of the forest of ancients."
Korin seemed serious about the task, it was actually simple. But it's name had already pictured a vision of how it seemed like.

"Is there anything I should be warned off?" Gohan furrowed his brows in caution for what he would face there, although he was not angry. But only seemed to be serious as well.

"I am glad you asked, the forest is guarded by a giant beast. You'd better watch out when you're there. But one more thing, it would keep sneaking you until you get your hands on the lake." Korin said, tossing an object with some sort of pottery. With ease, he snatched it from falling directly to the floor. He began examining it, It was clear that it was used to preserve liquid. Finally, he could recognize what was going to confront him when he determined the task was accomplished.

"Alright." He said, tying the object to his belt.

"You'll find the forest somewhere to the north of mine. I'll be waiting for you. Just don't get yourself killed."

Gohan swallowed with fear, it was possible for his death. But he was fond it wouldn't reach him too soon. He sprinted to the edge, and hopped off into a direct powered flight. There was no time to waste, and Son Gohan knew this was his time to prove himself to the cat.

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