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Character Name: Tarble (was told he was actually available, if not I’ll change)

Starting Location: Vegeta


You start with 50 as a base for each attribute and have 200 attribute points (AP) you may distribute amongst them. +25 Strength for Saiyan

Strength: 50 + 25 Saiyan bonus = 75
Agility: 50 + 75 = 125
Ki: 50 + 50 = 100
Endurance: 50+75= 125

You start with 50 technique points (TP). What abilities will you start with?
None, saving them for later if that’s allowed.

How did you find this site? Referral

Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you? Broly

Roleplay Sample (250 words): Just an excerpt from a very old RP of mine, the only one I have a copy of anymore. Not gonna post the whole thing, I think 6k words might be excessive for an application sample.
"A leader's worth can be judged on what he can achieve in his time then? Ah I understand." Lusk commented, smiling now. "Then I must merely survive long enough to achieve great things for our people."

Lusk was a man of the people, like all Namekians, but he also had self-ambition and desire, he was the perfect leader to bring them into a new generation. He seemed much like Koragu, a strong physical build, and intelligent, but not wise. The King of Saiyans was enjoying the young leader's questions. Many had sought him out due to his strength, but very few because they believed him wise. A sign of his experience, or perhaps a sign he was getting old.

"Well, if I am going to prove myself as a great leader, I will first need to train even harder, that is how you lead, is it not? Make your own strength the example, be the strength for your whole people. King Vegeta, I challenge you to a spar!"

The King was excited at the prospect of a battle, however he did not imagine Lusk could be that much more powerful than Koragu, and he was no challenge for the King at his best. Then an idea struck him, "Koragu, join us. Namekians vs Saiyan King, it'll be fun for all." And with that two versus one in place, both his pride, and his need to fight would be satiated. Getting into a defensive stance, and turning off his scouter, throwing it to the side, so it would not interfere, he shouted to his two opponents "You're the host. It's your move!"

As the two Namekians rushed him, King Vegeta laughed, "I thought I'd trained you better, than that, Koragu. You're wide open." And he launched a kick straight to Koragu's neck, where he was unable to defend in time. Lusk on the other hand, was quicker to react, and extending his arms, stopped the king's kick from reaching it's target, allowing Koragu to land a fist in the kings fase, which King Vegeta blocked with his hands, but the force of it still send him flying backwards.

Brushing the dirt off his cape, the King smiled evilly, this was going to be a real battle. And he was going to enjoy it. Especially since Namekians could, according to his scouter, regenerate their body parts. That meant he could tear off some arms and legs if he had to. Charging at Koragu, he noticed Lusk preparing to intercept the attack again. Throwing a punch at Koragu, he curved it at the last second, throwing Lusk's attempt to block it off, and landing a fist right in the Namekian leaders face. Twisting his body, he launched a kick into Koragu's gut, which the Namekian caught with ease, but leaving himself open to an elbow to his neck, which left him unconscious. "One down. One to go."

Leaders of worlds, locked in battle, but King Vegeta had the upper hand, as far as he knew, as he had yet to see a Namekian use a ki blast attack. "You put up a good fight Lusk. You've proven your worth as a fighter if nothing else. But you're just not in the same league as a Saiyan Elite." And he began charging up a ki blast, to show his power. Lusk smirked as he saw the purple ki begin to charge "I might not be able to win this. But not in the same league? I'm going to make you take that back." And then Lusk too began charging his ki.

The two warriors stood opposing for minutes, just charging and shouting, preparing for the showdown. King Vegeta smirked smugled and raised his left hand. When he lowered it, Lusk would see just how wrong he was. "KING VEGETA!" came a shout as Daikon and Azuki came whizzing at top speed, landing directly in between the combatants. "King Vegeta, did you--" the King ignored Azuki, pushing him out of the way, but then noticing the serious look in Daikon's eyes, he realised there must be something very wrong going on. Lowering his power, he shouted to Lusk "Something has happened, it would seem" and then told his guards to fill him in.

"Didn't you check your scouter, Sire?" asked Daikon, in a tone that the King hadn't heard his old friend use since the Saiyan-Tuffle war. Something very serious was happening, and the King made no comment as he placed his scouter over his left eye. Switching it on, he began to scan for strange things in the immediate area. Finding nothing out of the ordinary he began to gradually broaden his search. "Daikon. There's nothing here. It's just a -- wait!" the king's face suddenly contorted into shock, mixed with fear. "What-- WHAT IS THAT?" Daikon and Azuki nodded at each other, and then at him, indicating that what he had found was precisely what they were trying to report to him.

Lusk was still powering down, before he realised he was missing out on something and asked "So, what is it exactly?" The King, without taking his eyes off the data on the scouter, tried to clarify it as best he could, despite not knowing what was going on. "There are some strange power readings, both coming from over there" he pointed to indicate where 'there' was. "One of them appears to be an abnormally high Power Level, greater than any Namekian I have come across. The other could be a blip, but it shows an unusual amount of electrical activity and other strange anomalies. "I would suggest investigating, but according to my scouter, the Power Level is on it's way here, at an incredible speed. Have Koragu be healed, we will need all our strength if it's an enemy. Daikon. Azuki. You two investigate the other matter, report back as soon as possible with your findings, and then join in the fight if it's already started."

Acting under King Vegeta's leadership, Lusk began healing Koragu's wounds, while the Saiyan guards flew off, the long way around, as to avoid early confrontation. "You can heal? I thought you were a warrior, and only those of the other clan could heal, Lusk?" Lusk stood back after finishing healing Koragu. "I am the exception to that rule. I was born half-half, and that's probably one of the reasons I was chosen for this post. I am the only one capable of being a great defender of our people, and guarding the sacred dragonballs."

While the King wanted to remark on how he was glad there was a warrior in command here, he did not get the chance. Another Namekian had suddenly appeared behind them, laughing insanely. This Namekian had a Power Level that made no sense, especially given the fact King Vegeta had scanned him before. This Namekian was the one who made the snide remark about him during council, and who had voted against telling the people of the Emerald. And he was looking upon King Vegeta and the other two Namekians with a smug grin on his face.

"Lusk you fool; I shall rule our people from now on. You consort with Saiyans, and threaten our treasures by telling it to anyone with a fancy crest on their chest." said the man, his eyes glowing with a strange light, and at the same time, burning with fury. "Have you lost your mind?" shouted Lusk back, "No Namekian has ever challenged the authority of the rightful leader before!" To which the evil-looking Namekian simply replied "True," rumbled in his pockets before bringing out a shiny, clear, green gem, "But no Namekian has ever held this power before either!"


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