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Post by Cell on 10/2/2012, 9:07 pm

Cell floated near a relatively small city, that while it was not considered of the 'main' cities of the world it still had a decent population of a few thousand. The lights of the city shined brightly in the dark. Many people remained awake, working or relaxing as their pathetic repetitive lives allow. Since killing Goku his appetite had decreased significantly. What he was about to do had nothing to do with his 'need' to feed, it was simply what he felt like doing at the time. He simply hated humanity as whole, even if he respected a few choice members.

Before he wouldn't have been capable of such a thought without significant effort. It was because he had the constant thought of killing Goku. It had been implanted into every cell of his being. The fool of a genius had at least been thorough enough on that to make sure he accomplished his goal. While Cell would have eventually killed Goku out of wanting to test and improve himself, because of Gero's manipulations he did not have the option of simply waiting until he felt it was truly the right time. No, the moment his chances of success exceeded a certain level, he had little choice. However, because of that things were vastly different for him now.

The agonizing hunger for that single mans flesh was gone. It was no longer slowing his thought processes, and because of Goku's power his body had reached a new level. While it was not perfect, he had become much closer even without a obvious transformation. That was fine with him because, after all, he did not particularly like his old 'second' form. It felt bulky and awkward to him. His imperfect and Perfect bodies felt comfortable and 'proper'.

It was due to Goku's death and Cell's consumption of him that allowed him to make a choice on a mere whim. He was hungry for both flesh and destruction. His natural habitat as it were. This City would become his playground for the moment as he tested his new abilities and satisfied his need for sustenance. He had stayed away from such large places while he was preparing. That was no longer a factor and now this city would perish thanks to it. The people would die, the city would burn and the building would be reduced to mere rubble.

He landed on the ground near the edge of the City, named Cerga City. No witnesses around to see the large eight foot tall monster break and shatter the concrete he had landed on. He was sure that many heard it, but probably paid little attention as they went about their way blind to the impending doom that was Cell. He was after all a walking Mass Grave.

Thousands of souls and bodies dwelled inside his body. A Graveyard that sought to increase the number of tomb stones. If there was ever a memorial for the ones he had felled and consumed, he would be the best speaker. After all he knew all of their accomplishments, their resentments, their hates and loves, everything. Those that become part of his perfection would always be remembered, even if hated by their own resting place. Even if the universe itself and all of it's inhabitants abandoned and forgot them, Cell would remember. He cared little for this, but facts were facts. Right now, the fact was that he was about to consume hundreds, if not thousands more souls. His murder basement was becoming a bit empty though, a few might be taken there for his 'recreational' purposes. Baking somehow helped soothe his hate and malice. The cookies tasted pretty good too.

He walked into the first building close to him. A bell ringed as he opened the door and stooped down to make it into the lobby. It was a large apartment complex, a perfect hunting ground for him. It would be very difficult for any to escape even if the knew of his presence. A boy approached without looking, asking as he approached if there was anything he could do to help his 'customer.' He stopped mid-sentence as he glanced towards the monstrous thing that had just entered his place of employment. He was instantly crippled with fear, and a sense of overwhelming trepidation. Just as he was about to muster the strength of will to let out a scream, Cell's tail quickly crossed the gap between them. The needle tip stabbed directly into his chest and heart. It easily pierced the tough rib cage, as if was mere paper. The boy was once again paralyzed, only this time it was out of extreme pain. It soon eased as the anesthetics inside the tail began to relax him. He would not have time to enjoy the relief of pain as his body quickly began turning into mush starting with the immediate area surrounding the tail, and his skeletal structure.

It was not long before nothing but his uniform remained. It hung from the needle tip as the only grim reminder that he had been there. From here he began walking floor to floor, door to door. He ate every single human inside the buildings. Men, women, children, none of them survived his arrival. However, one or two managed to scream as they dropped their home phones onto the ground. This alerted enough people to an emergency that the police were called. Cell was repressing their minds and thoughts as he began hearing sirens. The stimulus caused them to fight back for a moment. A feeble resistance by feeble beings. He turned and faced a window, seeing the blue lights that reflected off of various other buildings.

From what his sensing abilities could tell, there were quite a few 'opponents' outside. Considering his ability was capable of at least a general detection over the entire planet, he knew there was exactly twenty armed officers. These would-be heroes aimed their firearms at the front entrance of the building. It would seem he had caused more commotion than he had thought, though it was of little consequence. Or so he had thought. There was one person of some importance in relation to the walking grave.

The police force that had assembled would look upwards as they heard a crashing sound. Cell had not only burst through the window, his large seven foot frame had destroyed the area surrounding it as well which sent heavy bricks falling lethally onto the head of particularly close target. He alone would have the most merciful death, even if it had been by a brick crushing his skull, turning the contents into little more than mush. The monster just a few feet from him, and looked around with a glimmer in his eyes. The slaughter was beginning in earnest now.

His prey took aim, some carefully and other haphazardly, before firing away with their munitions. Bullets slammed into his hard carapace, mushrooming upon impact before falling to the ground. Each felt like a small bee sting. His carapace had held up to attacks from people who could crush stone with a punch, shatter tree's, and bend steel like it was a strip of paper. The bullets could not pierce it, they simply did not have the required force. Soon many began running out of ammunition. Their faces cringing and twisting into looks of shock and terror as they saw no damage being inflicted. A few began to move for the higher grade weaponry. It was unfortunate that they had waited so long, as now he was no longer being amused by the futile efforts.

His right hand rose, his index finger pointing at the furthest target. He did not have to take time checking his aim, as it was almost perfect. A light began to shine from his finger, though it was not bright enough to overwhelm the flashing lights, Still it illuminated his area and his body a bit more, showing them more of the monster in which they had chosen to battle. A small condensed beam of ki erupted from his finger. This would mark the death of two Officers and one foolishly jumped in the way. The beam pierced his chest, destroying his heart and continuing on after the vain attempt at heroism. It then burned a hole right in the center of the next officers head. They both hit the ground at almost the same instance. The other members of the police force looked on in shock, incapable of fathoming what just happened. Cell was not one to miss such an easy opportunity. He began firing beam after beam from the tip of the finger.

The human peace keepers fell one after the other. Each shot from the Abomination ended the life of at least one human 'hero.' Some impacted the vehicles, causing them to explode, sending debris and wreckage everywhere. Soon Cell stood alone even though he knew people were watching from their apartments in a purely bewildered state. He could go through and eat the inhabitants of this city, but since consuming Goku and other powerful fighters, he found he did not need as much food.

He was contemplating what to do, when a sharp pain and an explosion of green blood littered his vision. It was then that the sound of hit him, a loud bang with a strange 'plump' like sound behind it. To a normal person or even the normal martial artist, this wouldn't give them any real idea of what to do. Then again the fact that if he had been one of those two things, he would have already been dead and thus that information would be utterly pointless. It was the sound of a heavy high caliber slug, and it was probably fired from a heavy sniper rifle designed to kill Tank crewmen. It was a vicious weapon.

The man who had fired the weapon held a broad smile on his face as he watched the creatures eye widen from pain and surprise. It wasn't strange, after all his arm had nearly been taken off. A large hole was bored through his shoulder. A few more centimeters to the side and it would have blown his arm clean off. He continued to look through the scope of his heavy rifle expecting the beast to fall. Instead he saw that the wound he had just inflicted was actually starting to heal at a pace so fast that he could see it. It was his turn for his eyes to widen.

He quickly squeezed off another round. The recoil slamming into his shoulder, forcing it back and causing quite the ache. The bullet once again moved much faster than the actual sound of it's release. This time it put a large whole in the center of the genocidal creatures chest. This had been the second greatest mistake the man had ever committed. The first was to not take his chance to run when seeing Cell from such a generous distance. Cell had been paying attention this time, and even though he had still been hit, he had seen the muzzle flash. Then held up to of his claws in front of him. They both began to generate a purple light similar to color and hue of the Death Beams he had been unleashing.

He drew his hand back, and in one swift motion slung it outwards. He turned with it, making a full circle. This had a pretty drastic affect, as it meant he launched the Fissure Slash in a 360 degree arc around him. It easily cut through buildings and people alike. The entire city, all of the buildings above where the slash had cut, lifted a foot higher for just a moment. That was of course before the entire city came crashing down around him, literally. People were crushed with such intense force that it turned them more into vapor and dust than just bloody smears. In a mere instant, he had effectively destroyed something that had taken the humans generations to build. It pleased him. It also seemed to please another nearby individual who approached him a top the rubble.

“ Very nice display of power and cruelty a like. How would you like to be my student?” Cell looked up, not all too surprised to see a younger Shen standing on the corner of a fallen building.

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