RPG Rules -Must Read-

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RPG Rules -Must Read-

Post by Goku on 12/29/2011, 12:04 am

  1. Respect all members of the board. Drama is something that really brings down the playability of the game, and we kindly ask that you make a conscious effort to keep drama away. Try not to take things to a personal level. If you find yourself having problems with a member, please don’t hesitate to contact an Admin or Mod. We’re here to help you – so get in touch with us so we can stop it before it escalates.

  2. Excessive Spam is a no-go. That means no triple and quadruple posting, no posts with link baiting, etc. We all tend to get off topic from time to time, but make sure it’s rare and done in the OOC threads only. There is to be no spam in the IC boards.

  3. Keep adult themes at bay. Blood and violence is fine, but sexual content should be kept PG-13.

  4. We understand satire and sarcasm, but we also understand when it’s just flat out racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. To be frank, we won't tolerate this kind of hateful speech.

  5. No advertising is allowed anywhere. If you wish to affiliate or advertise your RPG, please contact an admin for permission first.

  6. Do not block a Staff member from avenues of contacting you. This means no blocking them on an Instant Messaging program and no blocking their profile on the forums. Staff may have important things to tell you, and if there's no way to contact you, there will be a problem.

  7. No Cross-Posting. Posting a thread in its relevant subforum will be satisfactory. Don't pop into other subforums and post it there too. If the thread is not relevant to the subforum it has been posted in, a staff member will move it for you. There is no need to post the thread again.

  8. Since we believe in the freedom of action, you do not have to feel obliged to participate in the statistical component of the game. In other words, you are free to roleplay without updating, using stats, buying items, etc. However, if you change your mind and wish to partake in the statistical part of the game, everything you have done before cannot be redeemed.

  9. We’re not as hard-pressed about your activity as most other games. Despite our easygoing nature, there is a limit. If you don't leave a note either with Staff or in the Going Away thread , and are gone for more than 4 consecutive weeks, we will remove you from play. If you decide to come back, you may regain your character -- but only if it is a custom. You will not be able to regain your stats and inventory.

And remember: the severity of any rule breaking depends on the context of the situation, and the severity of the consequence depends on the severity of the rule breaking.

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