Paixiao - Namekian Tyrant

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Paixiao - Namekian Tyrant

Post by Paixiao on 2/3/2012, 5:47 pm

Character Name: Paixiao
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Race: Namekian

Starting Location: Frieza #79
Strength: 50+50=100
Agility: 50+25+50=125
Ki: 50+50=100
Endurance: 50+15+50=115


Ki Control
This is the ability to suppress and mask your own ki so that others cannot sense true power. This will help to hide you from those who know ki sense and use scouters. This has more of an "RP" use. It can be used to the boost the effectiveness of surprise attacks.
Attack Rating: None
Actions: Instant
FP Gain: None
Prerequisites: Must not be a Construct.
Learning: 25 TP and does not take a slot.

Psychic Powers
You are able to meld your thoughts with others to communicate telepathically, which has "RP" purposes. You also possess telekinetic powers and are able to manipulate objects with your mind. This allows you to hurl objects that count as special strikes with an attack rating of 2.
Attack Rating: 2 with Telekinesis
Actions: 1
FP Gain: +5 for Telekinesis
Prerequisites: Must know Ki Control.
Learning: 25 TP

Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you? Top-25.

Please post a link to your wiki username/profile: N/A

Banished from his homeworld of Namek for attempting to conquer it, Paixiao is a being who believes power is all that matters. He is a ruthless tactician who has no qualms about taking whatever course of action he believes will result in the desired outcome, and his psychic powers ensure that his men will carry out whatever course of action he requires, even if it would result in their deaths. He built a device that would amplify his psychic abilities, allowing him to force his will into the minds of Namekians all across the planet, but he was thwarted when the device was destroyed by a group of warriors who were able to resist his mental commands. Outmatched in strength, Paixiao was loaded onto a ship and sent away, warned never to return to Namek on the threat of death.

The would-be tyrant is a sore loser, and seeing his plan foiled so easily caused him no small amount of anger. As his ship floated through space he began to devise another scheme, this one much grander. It would no longer be enough to simply conquer Namek. He wanted to see it punished for refusing to submit to his rule. He would return despite the warning, bringing death and destruction with him, and when the people ceased to resist and finally bowed before him he would shape the planet in his image. But he would need an ally, and he already had one in mind. Cackling to himself, Paixiao set a course for Frieza #79. After all, revenge is a dish best served Cold.

Roleplay Sample
Paixiao was not oblivious to the stares and whispers as he made his way toward the PTO recruitment center, carrying himself with a proud stride that was enough to let everyone in eye shot know he was there on business. Frieza #79 was a planet with an extremely diverse population, but to see a Namekian there was unheard of. A flowing cape of dark blue fabric trailed behind him and draped itself down over his shoulders and torso, accented by two spiked shoulder pads which served a deccorative purpose more than a practical one. On his head was a traditional Namekian turban in the same color as his cape which hid the small antenna that protruded from his forehead.

He entered the building and took his place at the back of the line, arms folded across his chest as he quietly observed the various rabble and vagrants who had come to make a name for themselves. It was laughable. He was certain some of them would get through and perhaps be trusted with some grunt work. Perhaps one of two of them would go on to be something more than a front line fighter. The Namekian knew he was more valuable than that, but he was also wise enough to know the PTO would not allow him to simply march up to King Cold and ask for an alliance. He would have to work his way up like anyone else.

"Hey green skin!" A large, muscular humanoid with head resembling a boar grabbed him by the arm, staring down at him with a stupid expression on its face. Paixiao had never left Namek before and was unsure what this borish creature was, but he was certain he did not like the thing's attitude. "The PTO needs real soldiers, not some whispy little race of magicians. Your kind aint welcome here!" The Namekian seemed to be ignoring him, still looking forward as the creature hurled abuse. For a brief moment every scouter in the room beeped in unison, detected a quick surge in power before everything returned to normal. The soldiers looked around before shrugging to themselves, quietly agreeing that the last batch of scouters must be defective. Paixiao knew otherwise.

The large creature was strong in body, but it had a weak mind. Forcing himself into it was just as easy as drawing breath, and he was met with no resistance. The boar-like alien removed its large hand from Paixiao and stared down at the arm cannon it wore on the other hand. For a moment it seemed to contemplate the weapon before raising it to its own head and firing. The sound was defeaning and the Namekian's ears twitched as black blood splattered against his face, causing him to instinctively shut his eyes. There was a brief moment of panic as a group of soldiers rushed over to the dead creature. "Picked a weird place to off himself. Better drag him out of here before the corpse stinks the place up."

A few PTO soldiers hefted the body up and dragged it away, and the process resumed as usual. Paixiao reached up and wiped the creature's blood away from his face with his cape, grinning as one of the recruiters called out to the crowd. "Next!"

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Re: Paixiao - Namekian Tyrant

Post by Aqua on 2/3/2012, 6:43 pm

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