Cho Ryung (Kya kyang!)

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Cho Ryung (Kya kyang!)

Post by Cho Ryung on 2/8/2012, 1:17 am

Character Name: Cho Ryung

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Race: Half-Saiyan


Starting Location: Earth


Strength: 100 (+50)
Agility: 100 (+50)
Ki: 150 (+75) (+25: race)
Endurance: 75 (+25)

TP Ability: Ki Blade

Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you?: Got the link from Gosai

Please post a link to your wiki username/profile:

Background (150 words:)

Cho Ryung was born into the world as a normal child. She played, she loved, and she learned. However, the difference with her, was her origins, and her way of being raised. She was raised as an animal, not as a person. Cho Ryung cannot even speak because of this, however, it does seem that she understands human words and can respond to them (with a Kya or kyang, usually.) She even attached a fake tail to her belt, though it almost looks real.

With such an upbringing, her appearance in the world o martial arts was strange, to say the least. She attracted the attention of a woman known as the Demon Mother, who took the Half Saiyan under her wing. She went through tortuous kinds of tests and pre-training, and after she was officially "accepted" into the Demon Mother's style, she went through a cruel ritual. Her hands and feet were bandaged from that day forward, unless she fought.

Cho Ryung, however, escaped the woman to forge her own Path. It is where she met the lad known as Bi-Ryu, who claimed to practice Sa Shin Mu, the Death God Style.

Roleplay Sample (250 words:) Cho Ryung suddenly leapt from the very shadows at her opponent as she attempted to bring her claw right onto his head. The half blood brought his arm up and his hand caught her hand, which surprised the demon. She had not expected the arm to be caught, and was suddenly thrown onto the ground, and bounced once before she back flipped like an animal and landed on all fours. The demon snarled as she returned to the shadows and thought to herself, “So, he could smell me? I don’t have that strong of a scent, only demons or animal like aliens should be able to smell me. Maybe he could sense me out? I certain am stronger than these worms around me, but my power should only be slightly higher!” Cho Ryung didn’t say think anything else as she resumed to stalking her prey.

Shaoran loosed a sigh as he pulled a hand up and placed a hand up and pointed it at this demon as he tracked her. His eyes were closed as he used higher hearing and his senses to keep a track of her. With his calm nature, due to his meditation, the half blood could feel out the demon easily. Cho Ryun could not escape him that easily, and when she jumped at him again from behind, he spun and brought his hand up, the white gloved hand gripped the neck of Cho Ryung and slammed her onto the ground with all his strength. The demon had the wind knocked out of her before he pulled his hand up and placed it onto her face as he covered everything besides her mouth as he said, “Your attacks are useless. I’m not even using my full power, only about half.” He noted that she relaxed in his grip, which was like an iron python around her neck. The demon was obviously not one to struggle against this type of foe. “So, tell me, are you even trying?

Because I’ll tell you, these sneak attacks are likely not what you’re fully capable of. I think there’s much more to you, so show me what you have, demon!” He allowed her to get away from him as he jumped back and pulled his arms up and into his water stance. His body was ready to flow as water, fluid as a river and powerful as an ocean. The demon took that stance again, on all fours. In fact, it looked far more practiced than any form Shaoran had seen from any other fighter, even those as Pan. It seemed more like…how he stood on two feet. And then he saw her ‘stance’, if it could be called that. Both of her hands slammed into the ground, knuckles against the ground. Her hands were bandaged, up to leather arm bands. He could see that her feet were spread, one fully stretched out and towards him, while the other crouched him, which had her body at an angel towards the ground. Her body was more sideways towards him than forwards, and her head and eyes turned to him.

The half blood smirked as his body grew tired of the wait. He attacked with a swift teleport to her blind side. He slashed out his leg in a vicious attempt to trip the girl. Her dodge was calm and well executed as she leapt backwards and then rebounded from where she landed. Shaoran, now in a crouch, swung his arm at her head. She dodged in the weirdest way to him: she dipped under his arm and spun around. Her legs gripped his body as she pushed off the earthen ground and took to the sky. Her grip was tighter than he had thought, but what she tried to do was slam his head right into the ground. Shaoran knew that with the force, it wouldn’t kill him, but the position he was in was not the best; it seemed like he was being manhandled by this girl, and the half blood didn’t like the thought.

Cho Ryung brought herself up at the last possible second as she slammed her charge into the ground. She narrowed her eyes as she flipped away and looked at the ground. It had certainly hit the ground, that half blood, but she could not smell as much blood or damage as she had expected from what she’d done. The demoness watched as Shaoran pushed himself off the ground and brushed some of the chunks of the earth off of his shoulders and simply slipped into his position once more before he brought one hand up and waved at her to come at him once more. She was furious! “How the hell did he lower the damage? I was sure that I left him no chance to…wait a minute…”

Shaoran released a low sigh. The moment before she had gripped him, he had switched places with his Zanzoken left, which she must have attacked. It seemed that she was so used to the attack that she didn’t even notice that she had nothing in her legs. The half blood watched as she decided to attack this time around. She charged at him with the same type of swipe attack as her first attack, but he noted the use of ki this time. He brought his first up and launched his fist right at her wrist as he deflected her attack and then jumped into the air and kicked her into the ground. He back flipped and pulled his hand up. Of course, he wasn’t ready when she suddenly came at him, and knocked him off his legs. The half blood slammed into the ground and grunted in surprise as he suddenly brought his elbow from his right arm.

The counter connected and struck the demoness away from Shaoran as the man slipped up from the ground. There was no way that He would be beat here. Not by this nameless demon. Shaoran brought more power to the forefront and then roared out. His power broke the very ground around him, a crator flowed out from around him. His white aura flamed around the half blood as he roared, “No, you will not have this day, nameless one. I won’t let it happen!” Not even her unique way to attack and dodge would avoid this attack. His new strength and gathered ki flooded out as he floated into the air and released one more roar. Dark sapphire ki went all around the chocolate eyed warrior as it wiped all evidence of the fight from the very earth around them. For a few seconds, it seemed as if all of Vegeta Sei had stopped. Of course, that only lasted a moment before Shaoran released the ki and huffed.

His eyes caught the demoness, who was injured less than he had thought. What was this technique? Her cloths torn and bandages around her hands torn away. But they looked strange…stained, it seemed, or burned? He wasn’t sure. He now fully took in her look: skin akin to a human’s, it seemed she had scars, old ones, on her cheecks, that were made to look like whiskers. Her top was furs, which covered her body fully. Her pants seemed to be a puffed material. She had bandages o her legs, though those were torn and revealed the same type of details that her hands had. Whatever those were, he wasn’t. However, he was sure that she was more damaged than before, and that his power eclipsed her own.

Cho Ryung struggled to understand her opponent. Not only had he allowed her to fight back, but he had hid this much power. She was just lucky that he had given her enough time to use a kiai-like ability tat she possessed, though even that had not evaded the full damage of the charged attack. She panted- there was no way that she could beat him in this state. The damn hemomancer demon restricted her powers too much because he was too concerned with the control of the demomness. Still, that she was able to hold out just this much made her believe that she at least had a chance to defend herself a while longer. She wearily brought herself into her ready position, though a hand from the half blood stopped her. “Kyang?” Cho Ryung narrowed her eyes at the half blood and waited for him to explain.
Cho Ryung

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Re: Cho Ryung (Kya kyang!)

Post by Goku on 2/8/2012, 2:25 pm

Accepted. Sayuri will get your character sheet up later today


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