Shana - Host of Fire

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Shana - Host of Fire

Post by Shana on 1/2/2012, 6:56 pm

Character Name:Shana




Appearance(Picture Recommended:)

Starting Location:Earth


You start with 50 as a base for each attribute and have 200 attribute points (AP) you may distribute amongst them.

Might: 50
Agility: 50
Ki: 50
Endurance: 50

You start with 50 technique points (TP). What abilities will you start with? Mystic Breath

Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you? Brian.

Background (150 words:)
Shana grew up much like any other human would grow up; she had a mother and father, went to school, hung out with friends, ect. However, that perfect life shattered when she was infused with a powerful entity, Okibi, the feral god of fire. With the infusion, Shana became the first human to become a Vessel, a powerful guardian serving Alexstrasza, the leader of the Conclave of Elements.

Soon, the human found her life spiraled from her mundane ruitine. She was placed under the tutor of Blackfire, a Saiyan and the host of lightning for combat training. She has since grown fairly close to the female warrior.

Roleplay Sample (250 words:)
"Do you have any weapons on you?" the woman droned, looking bored out of her mind. Back propped against the rock face, hands crossed in front of her, and her gun slinged carelessly to her side, she looked ready to fall asleep. Shana shifted uncomfortably from the heat.

"I have my knife," the host of fire answered with a small shrug. The human began to reach into her pocket to draw it out, but the woman swiftly grabbed Shana's wrist. The woman pulled the weapon out herself, holding it up as if to study it.

"What would a kid like you being doing with a knife?"

"I use it in combat," Shana answered with a grin.

"C-combat?" the woman echoed, fixing the human girl with a new look. No longer was she bored.

"I'm a warrior," Shana asserted, shifting once more. The woman sighed, placing the knife on a ledge behind her.

"Any other weapons?"

"No." At least, not on me...

"Fine. Spread your arms out eagle style," Shana's captor instructed, briefly holding her arms out as demonstration. The human followed her lead, and flinched slightly as the woman patted her down, looking for other items. She took out the small package with Tork'thal's herbs, then a small green pouch, tied closed with a leather string.

Is that... Okibi sounded astonished.

"Oh no!" Shana gasped aloud, reaching forward and snatching the bag away from the woman before her, swiftly uniting it to peer inside. "I completely forgot that I brought these..." Inside the bag resided a fair amount of small, lime-green beans.

Sensu beans! Okibi admonished. How could you forget that you brought those? You could have given one to Tork'thal!

Shana sighed. She had packed them away on her person. For some reason though, even having the nifty healing beans on her didn't make things easier. She had no idea how long that Tork'thal and her would be stuck in this universe. There was only ten beans left... They had no way of resupplying them, either.

"Hey! Kid! What are those?" The woman's sharp voice reminded Shana that she had just snatched the bag of beans away.

"It's medicine," Shana answered, tucking the bag away into her pocket protectively. "Please don't take them, I need them for a friend!" The woman looked at Shana for some time, looking unsure. Then, a knowing nod.

"Fine," she answered. "Let's get to the others. I need to confiscate the knife, though. You can't have any weapons on you."

"That's fine," Shana answered. As long as her sensu beans were safe, she didn't care. She could fight without a knife. The woman turned around and began to walk away. Just before Shana could follow, the presence of another power alerted her senses.

Something's here!

Just as the other three members of the Royal Guard came into view, a winged monster swopped from the sky, landing on the rocky ground with a thunderous crash. The ground split open from the behemoth's weight. The being had a elongated neck with a head full of razor-sharp teeth. The wings were webbed, torn in some places as if the creature was ancient. But there was no mistake. From the muscular build, the angry look, and the power flooding from it in waves, Shana identified it instantly.


"A what?" the woman asked, her eyes wide. Already, her companions had cocked their assault rifles and were unloading on the creature. But the Vora hardly seemed phased. Just as Shana gathered herself to leap into combat, the woman shoved her behind her. "Get out of here kid! Leave this to the warriors."

"I am a warrior!"

"You're just a kid!"

Shana was hardly going to sit by and take that lightly. She blasted forward, her form leaving a trail of dust from her increased speed. The Voracious Eater hadn't even taken notice of her yet. He had clasped one of the men in a clawed hand, preparing to bite down on the Royal Guard.

No! Okibi's warning came too late as Shana's fist crashed into the Vora's cheek.

It felt like she had hit a solid block of Katchin, the densest and sturdiest metal known in her universe. The Vora didn't even seemed phased, but he had felt it. Abandoning his prey, the monster turned its glowing crimson eyes to the host of fire.

Shana! Transform now! The urgency was thick in Okibi's voice. Shana hardly had the time to act though, as the Vora lunged in to attack first, crashing a powerful fist into the girl's gut. His blow literally sent Shana flying. The force was something that she had never felt before. Her form rocketed backwards, traveling through the air like a missile.

She slammed into a pillar of rock, carving a hole through it. It hadn't even been enough to make her form slow down. That was until she hit the ground. Her body tore a deep gouge into the ground, sending showers of broken rock in her path. Only then, did she slow to a stop.


The feeling flooded her entire body. Her clothes were in tatters, and blood seeped sluggishly from deep lacerations all over her body. Her right arm felt like it was on fire. When Shana looked over, she could see that it was in an awkward position.

"Ouch..." I haven't felt this battered since I tried sparing Blackfire...

You didn't think that out, did you? Okibi berated his host angrily. It was true, Shana had hardly gave pause to think out her attack first. But why should she? The most powerful Vora she had ever fought was the leader, Re'shaln. The human didn't dream that there would be another with power comparable to his.

The Sensu beans! Shana instinctively reached for them, but made the mistake of moving her right arm. Instantly, she cried out in pain. The bone was shattered, thanks to her rough fall. Her vision blurred with pain, and everything seemed to spin around her.

Focus! Okibi snapped at her. Tentively, Shana tried her left arm. Thank the gods, that one was in better shape. Reaching over her broken body, the human managed to pull out a single bean.

I can't be wastefull with these... If I give one to Tork'thal after this, we'll only have eight left... How long will that last?

Popping the small piece of protein into her bloody mouth, the human chewed slowly. It was bitter, crunchy, and downright disgusting. But its medicinal properties were unrivaled. Even A rejuvenation tank couldn't heal as quickly. But to the human, time seemed to pass slowly. She could feel stength returning to her limbs. The cuts closed up, leaving the human behind with no visible wounds. If it were not for the ripped clothes and bloody splashes on her skin, one could not tell she had been struck at all.

As she got up from the crater that she was in, the host of fire could see that the Voracious Eater was attacking the four people who had captured her. They don't stand a chance against that thing... I need to protect them... I need to destroy that Vora!

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Re: Shana - Host of Fire

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Accepted, of course.

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