Piccolo Jr.~Demonic Incarnate

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Piccolo Jr.~Demonic Incarnate

Post by Piccolo Not on 2/20/2012, 12:55 am

-Piccolo Jr.-


Name: Piccolo (Adds Jr. on occasion so people don't confuse him with his counterpart.)
Alias: Junior, Ma Junior (Ma meaning demon)
Gender: None, Male-like.
Date of Birth: Unknown.
Age: unknown, physical appearance of a teenager or young adult.
Height:  7'8
Weight: 325 lbs 
Body Type: Thin, Leanly Muscular.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Eye Color: Varies Black or Red
Skin Color: Green
Aura Color: Purple/Lavender 

-Story and Background-

Piccolo Jr., one of the few sons and creations of the treacherous Piccolo Daimao. Junior is a demonic fiend, similar to his relatives, Drum, Cymbal, and Tambourine; however, he bares more similarity to Piccolo Daimao than any other being that would ever come into existence. He often believes he is the reincarnation of Daimao, but since all three Kami, Daimao, and Piccolo Jr. walk the Earth at present, this is indeed impossible. It is presumed that Piccolo Jr. is just another son or creation of Piccolo Daimao's. Piccolos story all begins with Daimao. Daimao has been recently released from the powerful rice cooker that trapped him long ago, with this shall come the creation of Piccolo Jr.


Piccolo Daimao:



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