Custom Character - Changeling - Sairai

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Custom Character - Changeling - Sairai

Post by Sairai on 2/26/2012, 3:40 am

Character Name: Sairai

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Race: Changeling

Appearance (Picture Recommended:)

Starting Location: Earth


Strength: 80 (+30)
Agility: 150 (+100)
Ki: 110 (+35, +25 from race benefit)
Endurance: 85 (+35)

You start with 50 technique points (TP). What abilities will you start with?
Death Beam

Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you? Yes. Piccolo Jr.

Please post a link to your wiki username/profile:

Background (150 words:) Sairai was born to a slightly influential family on planet Frieza #79. While they’d never risen very high in the Planet Trade Organization. It was infuriating to Sarai’s parents and grandparents, who had been seeking power ruthlessly for ages. Sairai was raised, along with his older brother, to be the most ruthless and unforgiving Changelings they could be. The older brother, Hail, took the lessons to heart, and used his powers to further his career in the PTO, to the pride of his parents. Sairai, however, did not seem to. While he was cold and distant and best, and merciless in his endeavors at worst, he was not interested in the same kind of powers that his parents were. He sought personal power, not the kind of power that he would pass on to his progeny. He wanted to be the strongest, and to use his powers as he saw fit, though he was what his people would call “soft hearted.”

Roleplay Sample (250 words:)
The Citadel was among the most prestigious of fighting organizations in the entire world, and it was MetalDrago’s home. Here was the one place the Dragonian warrior could allow himself free reign as he fought and killed opponents in way that few could stomach, much less describe. This building, this monument to war, was perfect.

Thus the old fighter found himself in standing before the building once more. He went inside, and he immediately felt eyes upon him. A monk stepped forward from within the hustle and bustle of people trying to arrange fights and met him. “Master Drago, what a pleasure to see you again.” said Eins, in his typical, offhand fashion. Eins had been the attendant of some of the Paladin’s most memorable fights. The elderly monk had known him for practically his entire Citadel career, and had become something of a fixture in his life. The two of them had slowly become friends over the years, and had an abiding mutual respect.

Eins ran a hand through his rapidly receding hairline and asked, “Which arena can I set up for you today, sir?” the monk asked, a little more seriously. The humor in his eyes was evident, but the Paladin was in a killing mood today.

“I want my special arena, the training arena I created to test both myself and my opponents.” the Paladin said. He brought his cape around himself, completely hiding his armor beneath. Since the last time he’d been in the Citadel, the Dragonian had taken on the appearance of a dark warlord. While it seemed a little cliché, he wore the Endless Armor with pride. His cape was attached at the back, but fitted to a locking rail that could lock the cape in one of two positions. The first position wrapped his cape all the way around himself, hanging just a few inches off the ground. The second locking position kept the cape locked behind his back, where it wouldn’t get in the way if he was in battle.

The two old friends walked down one of the Citadel’s many halls to a room marked with the code MD10. MetalDrago had assisted in the design of this room shortly after he became a Paladin of N’Jal. It was the tenth of many rooms he had assisted in creating for the Citadel. He had not had a hand in the actual creation of the rooms, but often made his input on from a point of view only a few other monks shared. He liked difficult terrain, the kind which would test either commanders or combatants in battle. The rooms he had designed did exactly that, pitching people into areas where they would never consider fighting in.

As Eins slowly slid the door open, the Dragonian began considering other possible battlegrounds he could “suggest” that the monks create within the vast building that was the Citadel. As he stepped through the gateway into the white abyss that was the disquieting first appearance of his special arena, he smiled sadistically. He not only had an idea for a new battleground to be used in the future, but he was also anticipating his opponent’s response to the transformation that this field of battle would go through shortly. Though the white void was unsettling enough of a battlefield, it was merely the blank canvas upon which Drago would inevitably give birth to his favorite battlefield, the very same one in which he had decimated the young Dyne Cormyr almost a full year prior.

For from within this white void he would raise a forest so dank, dark, and dangerous that it would have no peer. This was the field affectionately known as the Black Forest.

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Re: Custom Character - Changeling - Sairai

Post by Goku on 2/26/2012, 3:57 am

Accepted. Welcome to IDBZ!


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