Kony: 2012

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Kony: 2012

Post by OldVegeta on 3/8/2012, 7:53 pm


So...Kony is a guy in Africa who basically does what Doctor Gero does. In the dead of night, he kidnaps kids from their beds, gets them addicted to drugs, then makes them kill their parents...He takes girls, eight and ten year olds even, and does the same with them, conditions them to be sex slaves to some extent then sells them to people all over the East. Beyond that, he does so just to maintain a kind of reputation, with no other motives. He's ascended to the #1 Most Wanted, but America (apparently and supposedly) needs the support of people to drive the stake through his chest, so to speak.

To sum it up, if Light Yagami were alive, Kony would probably be one of his first kills. L would be on the case. Goku would blow up his hide out...I'm expecting trolls to show up in this topic, but I figure someone on the site will become aware of the issue through it, which will cause another couple of people to be aware. And the more there is awareness, the less likely it is Kony will be left alone to go free.

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