King Vegeta

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King Vegeta

Post by Goku on 3/12/2012, 2:48 pm

Name: King Vegeta

Race: Saiyan


Character Sheet:

Personality: Being the King of Saiyans, King Vegeta is both powerful and wise. To an outsider he might seem like a cruel tyrant, but to keep thousands of bloodthirsty Saiyan warriors in line, he has to be.


King Vegeta led the Saiyans out of a dark age and into a new era of prosperity and galactic warfare. As a brilliant strategist, he united the many clans and tribes and destroyed the Tuffles, inheriting their technology and infrastructure. He also made a pact with King Cold and the Planet Trade Organization to bring work and riches to the Saiyan people, serving as mercenaries and conquerors.


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