Master Shen

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Master Shen

Post by Goku on 3/19/2012, 2:39 pm

Name: Master Shen "The Crane Hermit"

Race: Human


Character Sheet:


Master Shen can be seen as the polar opposite of Master Roshi. He is vicious, stern, and most of all cruel. He trains his students for the sole purpose of proving his own strength and teaching abilities.

Since his death, Shen has become influenced by dark powers. He is impatient and ravenous to raise a dark army to crush the Turtle School and enslave the entire Earth--and perhaps afterwards the galaxy.


Like Roshi, Shen trained under a martial arts master named Mutaito. Together they faced a great villain and defeated him. There was a point where Mutaito left his students. This effected Shen greatly, turning him to the proverbial dark side. One of his major goals is to prove that he is a greater teacher than Roshi and often loves to pit his students against Roshi's to see who is the better master.

Shen was killed by Broly. Upon his death, Shen was pulled away from Other World into a outside realm known as the Nether. There he met a being of pure darkness called Master, who granted him demonic powers and sent him back to the Earth as an agent of pure chaos.

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