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Clan Cormyr.  Kronith Data Sheet. Empty Clan Cormyr. Kronith Data Sheet.

Post by Alberdyne on 3/20/2012, 5:52 pm

Name: Alberdyne Cormyr

Age: 22

Description: Al is an average Kronith. Kroniths are sort of like Vikings. They oft have wild and barbaric appearances. The average Kronith has many markings upon their body that vary from Clan to Clan. Al stands at about 5'10" and is somewhat shorter than most Kroniths. Kroniths typically have exotic features, like tanned, copper or light brown to black skin. Most Kroniths have long, wild hair. Al's hair is kept as dreadlocks much like Michael Cormyr's.

Al is known for having black hair.

Al's eyes are dark green like his Father's.

Attire: Al wears basic Kronith gear, very loose and baggy black clothing. He wears gloves, and oddly enough his trench coat has no sleeves.

Gender: M

Zodiac: Leo

Alignment: (Ideally, I will make him Lawful Good)

Race: Xeno, Kronith (Custom Race explained below)

Psychological Profile: Al is usually a calm and quiet, studious boy. However, when it comes to duty, the story alters greatly. Al suddenly reverts to a smack talking, serious individual. He is not a brooder, he likes to get in people's faces and point out their character flaws. Though he is an honest and loyal individual, he also hungry and eager to prove himself. Living in the shadows of the great Hero, Michael Cormyr has left Al with little to do in order to accomplish just that. So Al throws himself into situations relying on only his skill and talent to get through it. And a little smack talking. Al is loyal to his friends and dangerous to his enemies.

Aliases/Nicknames: Al, and "Son of Cormyr".

Alberdyne Cormyr History: Spending most of his days studying, Al is learning the ways of the Psionic. A mystical craft that follows the rules of ancient teachings, Al has almost fanatical dedication to the teachings. He comes off as rude and rash, but he has has a strong sense of honour. Al is currently undergoing the final trials in order to become a full fledged Psionic. He is gifted, but head-strong. The trials of the modern-day Kanassan Psionic has the students going through a realm known as the Sephiroth. Specifically, a plane identified by the elders as the Tree of Life.

In the current story, Al must go to a place called the Tower of Hades. Within that tower lurks an object that Al must retrieve in order to prove his worth to the elders and earn his place amongst the people of Kanassa. The trial is currently underway.

Mind Master

Michael Cormyr History: Michael Cormyr is the Father of Alberdyne Cormyr, and the elder of Clan Cormyr. A branch of Psionic experts belonging to the Kanassan tribe. Michael Cormyr did not originate from the known universe, but rather, he came from beyond the Omniverse in a place called Ayenee. Ayenee is a legendary plane of existence where many great Heroes and Villains once resided. The place has since become a barren wasteland and many of those individuals traveled to the distant stars in order to make a name for themselves once again.

Michael Cormyr settled down on Kanassa where he raised many great Cormyrs and other Kanssan Psychics. The original Kroniths traveled along side Michael Cormyr and settled on Kanassa with him. Michael Cormyr has refined his knowledge of the Omniverse with the knowledge that the native Kanassans freely gave him. In exchange, when the first Saiyan warriors attempted to conquer Kanassa, Michael helped train the Kanassans so they could effectively ward off the Saiyan invaders. Michael has been hailed as a great Kanassan Hero ever since.

Kroniths Description: The Kroniths are a race of Viking-like warriors from a distant reality. Kroniths are typically athletically built, have two genders, and appear humanoid. However, they have many markings upon their bodies known as Runes. Each Kronith draws power from those marks. Kroniths are famous for being able to wield something purely known as the Omniverse. Kroniths breed sexually. Each Kronith pairing typically produces 1 or 2 offspring. Pure Kronith offspring have a chance to manifest the Omniverse at will. But it takes intense training and dedication to do such, and not every Kronith follows that path.

The average Kronith has long hair, and the colours can be all colours of the known spectrum.

The average Kronith has either green or blue eyes.

Kronith History: (Leaving blank for now)

Ayenee: (Leaving blank for now)

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