Canon Character - Buu

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Canon Character - Buu

Post by Buu on 3/25/2012, 8:52 am

Character Name: Buu

Starting Location: Earth


Strength: 125
Agility: 125
Ki: 75
Endurance: 75

You start with 50 technique points (TP). What abilities will you start with? Renzoku Kikou Dan

Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you?: N/A

Please post a link to your wiki username/profile:

Roleplay Sample (250 words): The mountain was calm and quiet as Buu entered the forest along it's expanse. He was hoping to simply get in and out with the herb, though it was tempting to have a bit of fun with it. Buu's arms stretched as he grabbed to a tree branch and spun around it twice. As he circled the second time he dropped, landing crouched atop the branch. From this view point he could better see the area, but no sign of the herb in question. Dropping back to his feet he ran through the trail in search of it, giving glances to the bushes and shrubs as he dashed through.

But after ten minutes of looking he had found nothing. With a growl he kicked a tree in frustration, tearing it's roots from the ground and sending it flying into another. Dust, gravel, and brush were thrown about as the trees splintered and cracked from the impact. Buu rushed through the cloud as he continued his search, only to run into something huge. A large boar-like creature stared down at Buu, carrying a large ax. "Well..." The creature let out a loud snort. "What do we have here." The boar was not familiar with Buu and did not consider him a threat. "Lot of travelers coming to this mountain and..." Again he let out that snort, which was getting on Buu's nerves. "I just knew I'd find someone." He slammed his axe down and the earth cracked beneath it, the huge blade upturning the soil. "Got anything that might be worth your hide?"

Buu neither had anything to give the bandit, not any inclination to. As the boar looked in shock Buu leapt up and landed on the edge of the axe. He ran up along it and to the huge boar's arm. Rushing up it's fur and leaping into the air. As the boar looked in shock Buu gave a kick to it's temple. The boar let out a groan as it's hand slipped off the axe and he tumbled to the ground. Buu landed beside with a giggle and grabbed the ax shaft. The boar could not believe his eyes as Buu picked it up with a grin. He swung it with little trouble and the Boar was hit in his armor. It cracked at the force as Buu tossed the ax aside and leapt. His feet smashed into the crack and the boar's armor fully shattered. He fell with an enormous crash as Buu stood atop his chest. He was barely conscious as Buu leapt back and raised his forelock. There was a flash as the pink beam flew out, and the boar became a large candy bar. Buu grabbed it and greedily devoured it, before turning his attention back to the herb.

With any luck the boar had picked a spot near some. As Buu passed two upturned trees, he saw a small cluster of it. Buu quickly grabbed the herb and started back for town. He had expected the errand to be a boring one, but at least he had a bit more fun then he expected. With any luck this was the last that Shen would request.

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Re: Canon Character - Buu

Post by Goku on 3/25/2012, 1:15 pm

You're accepted.


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