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Ryouji - The Hand of Change Ryouji

Status: Alive
Location: Earth
Alignment: Evil
Alliance: Inquisition
Stats: Wiki

Ryouji - The Hand of Change Descj

Age: 15
Race: Hybrid (Shin / Human)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 185lbs.

Aura and Ki Color: His aura is a brilliant shade of violet with white at its center. With a small amount of power, the aura seems like nothing but a violet flame dancing in the wind, but when a large power is brought to surface, the aura becomes sharp and looks more like a violet flame from a welding torch, wide at the base and pointed at the top.

Appearance: -

Basic Form

Ryouji - The Hand of Change Personalityx

Ryouji is a young man with ideals. He is a cold and calculating warrior, a tactician on the battlefield.

Likes: -
Dislikes: Rain

Ryouji - The Hand of Change Backgrounddt

Born to a seemingly normal Earthling couple Ryouji (Ryo-jee) Nakashima was taught the same virtues and morals as did every child for the first years of his life. Ryouji was a happy little boy until one fateful day, when two men were fighting out in the street just outside his home. These were no ordinary men as their power far exceeded anything the six year old boy had ever seen. His mother yelled at him to get away from the windows, but as it is with all little boys, his curiosity got the better of him and he popped his head out to get a better view. The two men hurled orbs of light at one another and threw punches that destroyed whatever they came into contact with. It didn’t take long for one of these orbs of light to run astray crashing into the Nakashima home and exploding taking most of everything with it. When Ryouji woke, he saw his mother and father on top of him as lifeless corpses. In shock, he knew not what to do and when he looked out at the street he saw the two men still fighting, without regard to what damage they may have caused. It was then that the boy would cry for the last time.

Orphaned at a the young age of six, Ryouji found himself tossed around foster homes with no one to want him. His history always prevented the potential parents from investing any of their time in a boy who may already be emotionally scarred. After a few years have passed and five foster homes later, Ryouji took it upon himself to alleviate himself from the burden of his foster parents and ran away at ten years of age.

Life was not easy on the streets for a young boy as he had struggled for several months to find food and shelter. It wasn’t long before he was picked up by one of the gangs. They promised him food and shelter in return for acts of crime. He knew this was wrong for someone to force a child into criminal behavior, but being as young as he was he had no choice if he was to survive.

After years of stealing for food and shelter, the young boy started to become skilled in the art of pickpocketing and thievery, this of course drew attention to himself from the adults. One day an undercover police officer, working on the case of the pickpocketing children, caught the young man as he was about to make a grab. The officer gave no warning as he drew out his billy club and began striking at the back of the fourteen year old child.

When he was caught, the other children that called themselves his friends were no where to be found and when questioned, denied any knowledge of him or his ties to the group. The child was sentence to one year in lockup as the sole perpetrator in the string of robberies.

It was this point in his life that Ryouji discovered what the world really was. It was a corrupt world, filled with liars, cheats and hypocrites. He celebrated his fifteenth birthday in prison and it was then that a way to fix the corrupt world came to him. As he awoke Ryouji found that everything was far more clear, he could see better, he could hear better and he could even smell aromas he hadn’t smelled before. He found that he now possessed enough physical strength to bend the bars in the cell, but chose to fix them soon after. He needs not the law to find out about his new found abilities. If they beat him for stealing a few coin purses, then who knew what they would do to a superhuman if they found out. He chose to spend the time he had left in prison to better acquaint himself with his unique powers.

Once he was released he settled in West City where he could find the biggest house and purchased it with all the money he had hidden away. He now calls it home and is now dedicating his life to rid the world of all its corruption and create the world he wants.

It wouldn’t be until years later that the boy found out that his father was a former Shin who fell in love with an Earth woman and decided to live on Earth. He has both the magical blood of a Shin and the survivalist blood of a Human. The world was now his oyster.

Ryouji - The Hand of Change Historyr

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