Galactic Sanctuary

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Galactic Sanctuary

Post by Sairai on 4/4/2012, 5:23 pm

Alliance Name: Galactic Sanctuary

Leader: Sairai

Members: Luka, Crono

Mission Statement: To provide help to those who need it, in the form of a place to stay and providing ways of making an honest living for those who come to us, whether they be from Earth or otherwise. Our goal is to make Earth a sanctuary on which decent people of all races can be protected and free.

The Alliance is made up of two major parts: the Sanctuary, and the Protectorate.

The Sanctuary Team is responsible for keeping up morale, helping out from the sidelines in the form of first aid, helping those who come to us in search of a place to stay, informing the Protectorate of any problems on Earth that need their brand of help, and acting as public relations for the Alliance. They’re the faces of the group.

The Protectorate acts as the power-centered portion of the group. They are trained fighters and are called upon as the need arises, since not all problems can be solved with words alone. They are responsible for helping protect those the Alliance takes under their wing, and for protecting the Earth (or any planet they happen to be visiting) in general from forces that the police or military would be unable to handle.

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Re: Galactic Sanctuary

Post by Goku on 4/4/2012, 5:30 pm



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