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Izon's Con Diary

Post by Izon on 4/8/2012, 8:07 am


So a bit delayed writing this, but not much went on thursday. It was pre-reg day. After work which was a fairly calm day, unlike the rest of the week, I went to the Convention Center about a mile away. They moved the registration which was kinda annoying, but the attendance is growing so fast, they're running out of room. They're gonna need to start spreading to banquet rooms at the nearby hotels.

I got up there and waited in line for about 30 minutes. A couple douche's decided they were just gonna cut. I'm too nice to say anything of course. Went home and had Canallonni for dinner. Delicious.


Waking up on a friday an hour after my norm was a bit strange. It was nice to get up at 8am and slowly get ready, packing my day bag with my schedule, kindle, charger, and what not. Then going to the store and getting soda for the weekend and a giant sandwich from the grocery deli.

Got to the con and started to hunt for merchandise. The exhibition hall was huge. So many fun toys and posters. I wanted to get something with Vegeta since Christopher Sabat was showing up that day. Took awhile but found a tee shirt with vegeta crushing the scouter and below it saying 9001.

Watched some black butler with my friend Lacey, ate breakfast/lunch with Jeff and headed off to see Chris Sabat, only to find out, it was postponed a day as he was stuck in Texas. Dang. Took me about an hour to find something vegeta related. DBZ stuff is disappearing, and unless you're willing to fork over $100 for a really awesome statue (which I wasn't at the time), you could forget it. So now I have this vegeta shirt that's too small (got it for the autograph and was gonna hang it up on the wall).

After that, I went to a foam sword tournament and lost first round. Sad. I coulda cheated and continued to fight, but I was again too nice and honorable and though it was a graze, I took the loss. The rest of the matches were pretty cool. I so woulda lost eventually lol.

Went back to the dealer hall and played Tanto Cure with a cute japanese girl in a french maid uniform... hooooot! Awesome game and I bought it. It's a game where you literally race to get as many maids into your chamber as possible and you buy them with love.

At about 6pm, I went home to grab the 6 bottles of liquor I bought the week before (Rum, whipped cream vodka, vodka, Amaretto, Jagger, and Tequila) then went to a room gathering at a nearby inn and drank. New people, only knew 2 people and one left and the other I don't care for, so the rest were cool.


Saturday rolls around. 8am hits and I'm up. Heading out and grabbing breakfast, I take my time and get there. Watched Hetalia which is one of the funniest animes I've seen yet. I suggest youtubing it. And definitely best to watch it dubbed. And if you get easily offended, don't watch, it literally makes fun of all the major countries of world war 2.

After that went back to the exhibition hall. Played yet another card game with yet another cute japanese girl in a french maid outfit. It's a card game called Vanguard. Simple, straight forward, fun... did not buy yet. Did find out she was technical support for the company lol, so that was cool.

Day went on, didn't do much, went home, drank a couple large glasses of booze. Rum and coke and a twist on a screwdriver (Raspberry Vodka, Whipped Cream Vodko, orange juice), then poured the remaining rum in a bottle and left for the rave. Boom boom boom. It was a blast. Four of us drank the rum and danced. Danced for about 3 hours straight. And thus I sit here, coming home to a room mate and friends completely plastered. A bit tired, eating some potato, pita, ramen mix that's quite tasty, preparing for tomorrow. Gonna go get a wall scroll signed by Tateo, the creator of Full Metal Panic, which if you haven't seen it yet, watch all 3 series. Full Metal Panic, Fumoffu, and 2nd Raid.

Anyway, in the meantime, I am going to sleep. Gotta be up in a few hours.


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