Unit Zero- robotic life form prototype

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Unit Zero- robotic life form prototype

Post by Unit Zero on 4/12/2012, 2:40 am

Character Name: none directly given. assigned status: experimental mobile super computer and artificial intelligence agent prototype number zero. Plausible abbreviation unit zero

Age: rl or ic rl 22 ic at the moment no more then 5 minuets

Gender: male

Race: Construct

Appearance humanoid shape with a metallic and mechanical form safe for a difficult to distinguish gender or age face. Emergency vents in his back and in hidden compartment of the lower portion of his chest pate. Simple, slim and sleek construction but built with a durable yet heavy specially carbonized metal. His exposed shell is full gray and the skin of his face is translucently pail with silver eyes and white irises. A body designed to fit into any size clothing adjusting for a perfect fit but commonly in drifter rags that allows his default form to remain active. Frequently tries hiding his mechanical appearance with heavier rags and thick and heavy hoods not easily blown off. A tender gentle late adolescent voice with incomplete vocals making it sound while reassuringly calm, human like, and timid it maintains a very blank and monotone air to it. An underground criminal empire seal imbedded to the right side of his neck an emergency shutdown button in his back under a fingerprint scanning latch that allows only those he has filed under “trusted friend” to access.

Starting Location: earth (real origin: an orbital station above the planet)


You start with 50 as a base for each attribute and have 200 attribute points (AP) you may distribute amongst them.

Strength: 50

You start with 50 technique points (TP). What abilities will you start with? full analysis

Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you? I come willingly and curious of my own will as my desire to further my writing and make more relationships with fellow writers, build ideas, craft characters and stories, develop more as a writer, and above all just have fun doing what I enjoy: writing and role playing.

Please post a link to your wiki username/profile:http:// infinitedbz.wetpaint.com/account/unitZero

Background (150 words:) the black veil corporation, an old thought to be dissolved black technocracy predating the red ribbon army, machines of war and propaganda but no real AI behind them desire to covertly dominate the world with robots in every home and rigging elections so all seats of power have a member of the corporation in them as they masquerade as bringers of the next generation in technology and comfortable living. The corporation was exposed and defeated by a group of wise thinking AI constructs originating from a young group of visionaries who would become the robotics division of CC and a team under the tutelage of a younger master Roshi. They took off to space upon the crushing defeat and then they seemed to vanish.

As they retreated into the furthest reaches of space they swore they would return to earth and conquer it and the constructs that discovered them and all competition in technological supremacy would die in a global blaze.

One day a new massive orbital machine came into place, an orbital space station. On that station a creative genius drafted by the criminal organization renamed hand of the alphas slaved in secret to try and prevent the distraction of earth civilization, he knew the organization was 200 years ahead of earth at least and he needed to aid in evening the odds. Unfortunately the majority tech this space station had was a mere 2 years ahead of earth at best, so he could only do so much under constant surveillance and radio channels on 24 hour watch by mindless constructs programed to monitor for any hint of potential treason or bad mouthing from the slave and abducted masses that made up most of the work force. This organization was psychopathic and as dangerous as the RR if not more so. He was the only one near earth with mind and vision enough to make a difference and yet all still felt lost.

Then it dawned on him, a plan to create something revolutionary, it started when a malfunction in a reactor discharged energy that fried 30 drones and a resulting explosion caused shrapnel to decapitate an early model worker android. The model had a revolutionary bodily adaptive system the machinery would accept the rule of superior tech making it foreword or backwards comparable.

The obsolete unit was scheduled for recycling but the man managed to talk the overseer to let him have the unit as a servant to aid in the lab. The unit was never activated in fact it was placed in storage away in secret but to mask it he boosted productivity in the lab by personaly working to boost the overall ships systems himself and installing fail safes to prevent events like the acident from happening again.

In recognition of his great good work he was put at head technological expert on the ship as well as head scientific advisor of the space station.

Monitoring of him was lessened so fewer distractions to his inventing and reinventing.

He has gotten a good deal of respect from the higher ups and his fellow forced servants, he got access to shipments of higher tech however never higher then 100 years ahead of earth, the head of the organization was a cautious one for that. The man played along 100 was all he required for all but one component however he was put in charge of the orbital base systems so he had an excuse to get just the part he needed.

A chip that promotes metamorphosis and adapts to experience. With this a ship would learn its systems and be able to maintain itself with minimal needing of interference from organic agents or other machines, self cleaning systems as the cameras detect negative hygienic changes updating and morphing parts into known better suited parts,a small chip that can make the ultimate smart house a reality.

He hid under the guise if maintenance was taken down to 25% its force productivity would be bolstered considerably allowing more hands to research and testing.

It was a lie he would meld the chips systems into the AI of the nearly reconstructed unit to allow a hero who could adapt to the tech linked to his mind as a former mass produced unit now integrated with the new models super computer so all weapon specs could be nullified in there effectiveness under the guise of being a spy android so they could have a unit directly monitoring humans.

The bluff to get the chip worked but at this point the sudden change and spike in motivation unnerved the head of the entire criminal operation. He gave the chip but had a suprize in stoore if it was used for anything but the ship.

The chip was given a slight modification for initial activation it would need the ships power and any system linked to it would as well require its energy for the initial boot up. A direct link required and if this was used the chip would trigger a malfunction in the ships core forcing a reset. It would be but one moment but in that moment the head would be alerted to treason.

It was just like that, the mans master work, the culmination of all the years of forced labor this will be the turning point this shall be the unit.

Programed with data of ideal human behavior and to incorporate individualistic thinking and embracing the different with equality. Years of psychological trauma working for lunatics and hiding who he is partaking in crime for survival sake, all the crap and lies he has seen and done to get to this point it was time to strike a lethal blow against the hand of the alphas and let evils like theirs vanish into history.

Finally end the line of kingpins of crime history has repeated and place these thugs on the same grounds as playground bullies where they belong.

He would build more to spread tolerance and coexistence through not only earth but all the universe so tyranny never need rise again.

This new chain of life would be glorious teaching and learning growing others as they grow from the others, all at last ideal different but at the core the same, all the same:alive in the mind.

The ships power suddenly cut for a moment after the androids boot up process began.

A mighty shotgun blast rocked the man to the ground bloody, full of bleeding holes clinging for life desperately.

The head offered the man a chance to redeem himself if he surrenders the unit however such an event the man was planned for as once he pushed a button a drop ship closed around the androids pod and deployed to the planet below.

The fate of the androids creator is unknown but every other member of the base died when the leader left activating the self-destruct on his way out

The shock wave knocked the drop ship into the power station of a small town causing the entire sip to be heavily electrified the android being rebuilt for survival purposes remained operational but due to the maintenance pod being still hooked in to the androids synthetic brain net and boot up was incomplete triggering a forced reset wiping out most of the presets especially behavior forcing a subroutine to engage prioritizing replacing the lost and destroyed data before the core personalty AI could be reactivated.

As for the construct heroes of old it is said all but two where destroyed by rioters afraid of thinking AI. One was deactivated but retrieved by CC before irreparable damage was done and is currently on display in CC robotics museum as one of the top accomplishments in robotics and AI, and the other simply vanished into deep dark dangerous woods.


Roleplay Sample (250 words:) inside a wrecked ship in a small town secondary power station <Main core:online and within normal functionality. Secondary energy source: on standby. Reserve power circuit: unresponsive. Coolant regulation acceptable and sustaining ideal internal temperature. Primary functional systems peek performance confirmed. Secondary on standby until needed. Now scanning synthetic mind, Thought processes:clear, analysis: active and detailed addition: accounted for. Individualistic AI: confirmed. Ideal mentality presets: WARNING WARNING IRREPERABLE DAMAGE! DISPOSING OF DATA. Status: ERROR PRESETS DELEATED SEALING AI SWITCHING TO SCOUTING MODE PRIORITISING IDEAL PERSONALITY DATA REPLACEMENT NEEDED TO REACTIVATE PERSONALITY AI objective: observe social interaction to gain data on ideal behavior and ideal models of influence to fallow example based on exemplary possession of ideal qualities.> the unit thought fractions of a second for all the data, scans, and actions. The units eyes opened and the pod opened allowing the unit to fall on its face.

<status:fallen searching solution for issue. Self scan active targeting bodily components.... complete scanning nerve pathways.... complete. Attempting to stand.> the construct thought reveling its AI really was governing the body as he is able to act without presets and learn as its all he can do to advance.

The construct forced himself from the ground only to fall back.

<analysis of situation for likely error... improper centering of weight likely diverting weight into head and retrying. > the mechanical entity tried once more only for his head to drag the body down.

<attempting to find equilibrium of weight distribution for stable standing.> the unit gradually made it to a perfect stance.

<record for standing settings made to bodily memory.>

<trying to speak> “eeeeerrrrrr” an indistinguishable grunt of machinery exited him.

<retrying with modified approach> “0101010010101” binary firing too fast to really identify as any more then white noise.

<again> “he...lo” a strained barely audible squeak came out but at least it was words.

<testing motion> the robotic being motioned stiffly.

<unacceptable retrying > with a minor adjustment of his joint settings his movements became indistinguishable from ambidextrous human.

“Excellent!” the construct said in a human like but very monotone voice.

“I best observe organic speaking and apply a similar process in order to gain more human like tones,” the robotic being detected the presence of flight systems in him.

Putting his body in a stiff stance the robotic being levitated around the room with thought.

“excellent I seem to have adaptive technology as well as a learning mind. The rest should come naturally.” the robotic being concluded start up testing was sufficient.

Closing his eyes the robotic being remained a float.

<entering strategic mode, Humans:a race of rather jumpy entities to things not within the norm. Humanoid robots such as myself openly robotic yet possessing human features such as a human face may frighten them disguise and mimicking physical behavior is advisable.

The humanoid robot picked up heavy drifter cloth and a hooded robe to assure all was covered adding boots, gloves, and sunglasses befitting a drifter.

“acceptable for the moment.” the robot commented as he fully clothed himself.

Flipping the thick hood over his head <self analysis:emotions are inactive until sufficient data is gathered and I posses a barest minimum grasp on subjective display outside of talking. Conclusion: Keep interaction short simple and to the point until trusts can be forged.>

<Now abandoning ship to fulfill mission.> the robotic entity rose to the ceiling and forced open the roof hatch and speed of max speed accessible to a small isolated village where simple interaction and observation would be easiest.

This constructs quest to forge a self he is begins.


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Re: Unit Zero- robotic life form prototype

Post by Goku on 4/12/2012, 3:36 pm

Approved. I'll get your character sheet up a little later, but you're free to start playing.


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