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Post by King on 1/19/2012, 9:50 am

Character Name: Cody
Alias: King

Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'3" ft.
Weight: 230 lbs.

Starting Location: Earth

Strength: 50+100= 150
Agility: 50+50= 100
Ki: 50= 50
Endurance: 50+50+25= 125

Ki Control (Utility / -25 TP)
Ki Sense (Utility / -25 TP)
Quick Learner (Racial)

Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you? Brina did.

Please post a link to your wiki profile:

Background (150 words:)
Cody was born, but not raised, in West city, the wealthiest of all the great cities and the home to the famous Capsule Corporation. It played quite the part of being crowned the wealthiest city, as it was firmly located on an enormous ocean shore to one direct side that was mirrored on the backside of the city by large flat plains of thick, full vegetation. The summers were always loaded with swimmers and tourists, and winters were hardly cold at best. The temperatures and scenery of palm trees and the typical clear days, or the well known sun set that is known to fill from the air to the ground with a soothing warmth and blanketing shade of brilliant orange really gave way to a gorgeous illusion.

The illusion was just what the tourist or inner city dweller saw. People still lived lives even though everyone around else that frequented the spot were there just for vacations, getaways, or the casinos. That was quite an annoying sight for any local to have to watch every day and night as they went to and from work. Cody knew that he absolutely despised it. It was a harsh sight to take in when you were only nine and ten and forced to work the shipyard to make nothing except under the table change for his sick mother and a home where he was the man, and not the absent father.

The conditions of his household weren't the typical worthless father running off, or the beloved father dying a hero. No, the story behind that was just a simple one. The father, had worked the shipyards himself for years. It was the only job that his father could actually find after he had gotten injured, in an accident, driving large trucks across country. Finally, life had just caught up and Cody's old man passed on in his forties while working for a life for his family and himself, which he couldn't keep.

That thought alone had made the boy shudder whenever even glancing through his mind. That shudder had found another way into the world, though. That fear, that anger, and sadness had found its way through the boy at first, a night near the ship yard, when he got jumped for his small amount of Zeni paid that day. Life had broke that night when he watched those measley wrinkled Zeni bills got stripped from his fingers after being beaten down. The emblem that his father had worked so hard for, and then he was now wrestling to tame, was taken from him by a group of lazy low lifes all because they could out power a boy.

Yes...something in life did break that night...

That had lead Cody down a different route. The boy had taken too much. His father was no longer there to restrain his child form the dangers of man. Cody had gotten to his feet and he had ran, but not to the house that held his mother, but after the larger and older men who held his money. He started to swing and swing fast, strong, but most of all, without fear.

Cody hadn't stopped swinging there, though. Not even after he had gotten a grip on the money in one hand, while releasing his grip on one of the thieves with the other. That night he had learned that he had a talent and skill, but he had also a way to cope with absolutely anything else that was lingering in his mind, and world. He had learned about violence, and that violence flushed his mental and emotional systems, while embracing pain and releasing his anger.

That lead him to finding himself in a brawl everywhere he went. Once he discovered his love for it, he was constantly in a race to find the next person to fight him. Whether it be that strange look or it was for a few bucks at alley way gambling bouts, when he was thirteen or fourteen. It didn't matter to Cody. It was about having a chip on his shoulder and it wasn't because he felt superior to the other person. It was just the empty feeling that was left in his core after the adrenaline and fighting had vaccumed everything out. With the boy taking his licks whenever he could, it hadn't taken no time for him to have been noticed.

That was when he had turned sixteen. He had pushed his way up some, a secret that his mother had eventually found out about. That had crushed Cody for a while, but it hadn't dented him as many would have beleived. It was obvious to everyone else that the boy who used to run the streets kicking a rusted can had changed. His mother had even argued and begged to him from her sunken matress that he was becoming cold and how her son's beautiful blue eyes were nothing more than stained glass.

Cody didn't have anything to do with any of the cries and moans, however. All he could see, because he actually couldn't feel anything else, through his eyes was his his sickly and dying mother reaching for him with medicine soon neeidng to be bought, bills to run the small apartment, and food to make its way to an empty refrigerator. He couldn't see the pain or damage his souless stare had caused her. He couldn't feel her fingers attempt with all her might to pull him back toward her as he shrug her off to make his way out the door.

That day, Cody was desperate, and his feet had taken him all across the city without any set destination in mind. He didn't need one,however, because once down the road a short ways, a man spoke from a car that slowly pulled along side, Cody. The sleek design of the topless and silky shine to the man's iron and pressed suit was something that should have given the alarms a ring instantly, but there was nothing to stop the man after he spoke with a silver tongue and the Cody's desperation, it had been just a short time for everything to have just been ignored.

Cody then found himslef over the next years in an entirely different enviorment. The man that had spoke to him that day had discussed a job opportunity, and a great one. The old timer had even given the boy more Zeni that his own busted knuckles and sore muscles had made in months. That was all it had taken and Cody had become the man's personal property, which ensured that the boy's hands were going to be put to work.

The first few times, Cody never once complained or tiwtched, while he did what was asked from the old man. He had been too blinded still by the amount of Zrni that he was being paid. All he had to do was let the old man run his jaws, or just wait in the car quietly, until the sign was given. Once the nod or finger had been pointed, Cody was given the chance to secure another pay check once the body stopped flailing or the screams deafened. Then the blood was wiped from his own skin and the cash just handed over to him.

It hadn't been too much longer then, that the old man had made his way up the animal kingdoms blocks with Cody clearing the way. Strong arming furry anthropomorphic dogs, cats, and other humanoid creatures in tiny seafood resturants or bashing the faces of gambling addicted business men across the face until thier debt osmehow magically appeared had to be a thing of the past, so it had been replaced by something else.

The old man acted quick to find something to invest the money he had gotten from his business ventures into something else. It came to no surprise to Cody, either, that the investment was him and his skill. The money was going to be going through bookies and on gambling, which the young fighter didn't agree with, but it was far from his.

The young man was lost on what was happening until later that night, when he was preparing himself for the next next at hand, while still busted up from the last. His ears twitched, though while he wrapped the white tape around his bloodied knuckles. The roars of people and the stomping and beating...Cody felt a thrill. While limping to the door, he had already knew that his name wasn't going to be called that night. Crawling almost unknown, to even himself, there were soft whispering cheers repeated of his name while he entered the next ring.

The people who filled any of the audience, who watched as the next opponent was brought to the floor of the arena to accompany puddles of his own blood, never once cheered the victors name. It was something that Cody had never once heard roar across the rings, or at the tables. He had not become this chapion that he had dreamed of in the beginning. The sting of that had burnt out long ago, though.

The losers cursed the name of King, a name that was properly given to the brawler when he was still young, or younger. He was proud when he had gotten the name, because he had not only stood against an opponent who was ten times more his own power, but he had nearly defeated the warrior with his hands alone. The had been the young fighters first actual defeat. It was something I can't do anything about.

Cody knew nothing about what was happening through his body. He could feel that he was badly injured. He couldn't feel nearly any part of his body, but he felt as if he was missing parts, or pieces. Thoughts like that had just shot fear through him and his would constatly attempt to spring upward either in retaliation to a fight that was long been over, or concern in checking his more severe wounds. The feeling of being completely helpless was crawling from the tips of his toes to his dreams and nightmares.

The thought of the person that he had battled that day had always found its way back up to the surface and into his minds, and possibly even words when he spoke in his sleep. It had been an event he'd never remember. He was defetaed, and in his long line of battles, he still remains undefeated since that day, before and after. The damages and condition that he had, were going to kill him.

On an even more twisted note, the man that Cody had faced that day, and was defeated by was none other than his master, or trianer. It was an older man, but far from grey was creeping along his hairstyle. The fact that it had been the same man who had trained him, and only him, in the way of the masters style, Cody had found himself on several nights kept awake.

While lying there, half-dead and gurgling blood, his master had whispered words against Cody's ear right before leaving him to die.

"You will not want to keep that crown, boy..."

It was a riddle that Cody hadn't messed with for a decent while out of fear...

Finally, a night came when he had went to exit once again. The noise that buried itself into the thick, warm air was that of grunts, moans, and frustration. They cursed another victory that the tall man wearing the red baseball cap had taken. They continued to scream profanity and slander the name, King.

Cody was already waiting outside with a lit cigarette perched between busted lips with partially dried blood still crusted on parts of them. He looked up at this younger lady who walked toward him. She had been a messenger, carrying a letter, since Cody hadn't owned any sort of phone. The letter was taken, but the messenger stoof there slently. Her eyes darted as if she was hinting to the worn out man to read it.

Before that letter had ever touched the pavement of that parking lot that night, the brawler had vanished with only his clothes, and his bag...

Roleplay Sample (250 words:)
Coming Soon.

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