Dabura's fierce opponent

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Dabura's fierce opponent

Post by Kid Trunks Banned on 6/12/2012, 8:21 pm

Dabura's feet smacked hard into the ground and tons of dust and dirt flew into the air. The demon king looked up at the demon he was battling and smiled.

"Even with your super strength you can't beat me!" Dabura screamed as his fist flew at the demon.

The enemy grabbed Dabura's fist and squeezed it.

"Ah!" The demon king shouted as his bones began to crack.

Dabura quickly swung his knee up into this opponent's gut. He watched as his new enemy back up slowly holding his gut tight and breathing deep.

"Time for me to kill you....with yourself!" The man shouted as he began to move his hands around.

"Enough!" The demon king screamed as he charged at the man but something made him stop in his tracks. It was pain.

The demon fell to the dirt with his mouth open and his face lying on it's side. After a minute he began to throw up the small demon birds he ate earlier.

"Now you fight a true opponent, one that looks like it's on your side but not." His enemy spoke as fired out high amounts of ki and shaped it into a demon like shape.

Even though the pain that was striking him was so severe Dabura wasn't going to back down now. His shoulder felt like it was on fire and his chest felt like it had thousands of swords in it. He slowly rose with his right hand grasping his left shoulder.

The image which had the shape of a demon began to glow, the light began to get so intense Dabura had to look away. After ten seconds the light was gone and Dabura was staring at the best warrior ever. Himself.

"H....H....HOW!" Dabura began to back away.

"I could tell you how but that would leave Dabura Jr. here waiting," The opponent spoke as he moved his arms, signaling the fake Dabura to attack.

The real Dabura tripped over several pipes behind him. The fake Dabura approached with a ki blast waiting for him. Within seconds the attack fired at him and Dabura knew he was done for. The blast had not hit and something had blocked it. The real Dabura looked up to see a strange man deflecting the blast. The man sped at the fake demon king. This man knew what he was doing. With every punch and kick to the fake one he knew this was going to be over. The man gave everything he had but soon the fake Dabura dissipated and he was gone.

Dabura walked behind the man that was 2x as strong as Dabura. Without a second to spare Dabura jabbed his arm through the man's back. then he placed his arm around his throat and finished him off. Dabura let go of him and watched as the strong man fell to the ground dead, killed by the man he protected.

Dabura's body turned toward the other Demon. He raised his hand and fired one last ki blast at the man.

"Should've finished me off sooner!" Dabura shouted as he began to walk away from the man who was about to face the last ki ball.

534 Words.
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