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Post by Goku on 8/18/2012, 3:30 am

Name: Uub
Race: Human

Uub 112730

Estimated Level: N/A
Key Attributes: Agility and Ki
Signature Abilities: Kamehameha
Personality: Uub is a hopeful young fighter from a small desert village. He is Master Roshi's most promising student. Roshi, impressed by his fast progress, passed him onto Goku for further training.


Born in the village of Ru'at, Uub grew up the son of a camel herder. But, he always had dreams about so much more. After a near death experience from a scorpion sting, he was determined to get stronger and began training everyday. Satisfied with his results, he packed his rucksack and made the long hike across the desolate dunes. After winning a Martial Arts tournament in South City, he heard the legend of the Turtle Hermit, the man who trained the world's greatest warrior.

After many trials and tribulations, he managed to locate Master Roshi, but was astounded to find him a young man. Roshi trained him. Not long into the training, the Turtle Hermit stopped, astounded by Uub's sheer talent and ability to manipulate ki as if it was second nature. It reminded him of Goku, so he decided that Uub might be better suited to train underneath him instead.

Goku readily accepted him as a student.


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