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If it means a lot to you

Post by Chi Chi on 8/20/2012, 5:19 pm

Sweat poured down from Chi Chi’s brow and dripped off the tip of her nose with each punch she threw. She had been training tirelessly for hours. Each passing moment her anger and anxiety grew more fierce. “How! Could! He expect! Me! To sit! Here! And be fine with this!” Each word was matched with a blow to the punching bag. “Grraaaaaaah!” She shouted in frustration sending the bag flying across the yard with a powerful kick.

“Cheap ass equipment,” she muttered as she went to retrieve it.

Chi Chi knew that being married to a hero had its extreme disadvantages, training always came before anything else. Family time was few and far between. When the world needed help, holidays and birthdays had to wait. But through it all her love for Goku never faltered. She felt the deepest form of sympathy for her husband’s sensei when he had been defeated in battle. The old man might have been a pervert, but he meant a lot to Goku and she respected that…. sort of.

But the one thing that pissed her off most was Goku’s ever present need for justice. His heart was so big he could never ignore suffering in any form. When he had departed after Yamcha’s death she had expected him to be home later than evening. Sure she told him he could go to Roshi’s looking for clues, but she hadn’t expected him to find any. Of course she hadn’t counted on the old witch Baba to be there and lead him on a blind chase to possible death either.

“Hag,” she muttered before taking to the bag again, this time assaulting it with a flurry of punches, and alternated with sharp kicks.

“Isn’t family enough?” she complained to no one in particular. “I raise his children! I cook his meals!” She could feel the grip on her aura loosening. For once self-control was the last thing on her mind. “When will being with the people he loves finally be enough?”
“I have to defeat the monster Chi Chi,” she mocked in Gokus voice. “We need to make sure the children are safe Chi Chi,” she spat. It wasn’t enough that he could injure himself. He had put the family in danger.

Sure having the children stay with her father, The Ox King, was the safest plan in case of danger. The children loved him. He always had a fun activity planned. Of course studying was not allowed at his house, it was a place of fun. Chi Chi severely disagreed. The boy’s studies were of utmost importance. She wasn’t going to have them struggle as she and Goku had when they first started out. It was yet another thing Goku had taken upon himself to interfere with. “If their grades drop so help me Kai, I will hurt him myself,” she muttered.

A faint yellow glow began to form around her body. Her knuckles were bruised and cut. Small rivers of blood began to flow staining the punching bag pink, but she paid no mind. She was angry, but mostly she was hurting internally. Her heart ached for her husband’s safety more than her own.

As she leaned back for another large punch, a blinding pain struck her abdomen. She gasped for breath and looked down for the source of her pain, only to find that her body was not her own. She recognized her husband’s orange gi tattered and stained from a large gash in his once perfect skin. Her mind scrambled to cover the wound but the arms connected to his body would not move.

Chi Chi was a silent spectator, looking out the windows of Goku’s eyes. She looked around in confusion to find different surroundings. The small training clearing faded in and out, replaced by images of a destructed forest. Trees blazed for miles, their branches cracking and crashing to the ground. Small animals screeched and scurried to find an escape, fearing a fiery end. Ashes seemed to rain down like heavy snow, the winds pulling them into funnels as they swirled across the landscape, or what was left of it.

“Come on Goku, pull it together,” she thought, urging him on. “I need you, I need you to come home.”

His gaze averted to what Chi Chi had been looking for from the start, his opponent. The beast, or creature rather, was something that looked to walk straight from even the bravest man’s nightmare. Its jade green exoskeleton was dotted with black spots, a camouflage perfectly suited for these surroundings. It stood a towering 7 feet tall, and had a long tail with what appeared to be a needle of some sort on the end. There was no mouth, instead a sharp looking beak, somewhat resembling that of a squid. It looked like a June Bug from hell.

The forest flickered and faded away. Chi Chi found herself back in the small sparring clearing trembling. She began to assault the training equipment furiously. The strings that held all the sand in the bag begin to loosen, the grains cascaded out like a sand-fall. It reminded Chi Chi of the old fashioned hour glasses. “Is his time running out?” she thought wearily. Her aura took on a lighter orange tinge, she could feel something radiating inside her, tugging at her consciousness.

A blinding light flashed, like a nuclear bomb had detonated inside her mind. Her body was wracked with pain and she let out a guttural scream of agony. She was inside Goku’s body again, felt every ounce of his pain, fought through it with him, refusing to close the connection until she knew if he lived. She looked to see his armor melting away against his skin, leaving blisters and charring.

The massive amounts of heat slowly began to fade. Chi Chi could feel the soft ash underneath Goku as he rolled to safety. The moment of peace was just a blink before a second wave of heat seared into her skin. She could see the flesh begin to peel off Goku’s fingers the agony caused her to vomit. A hard impact of his back against a mountain took her breath away. “Use the energy,” she pleaded. “Use it or you will die,” she choked.

She felt the rock crumble, and his body tumble down the small valley, each thump against rock and branch caused smaller lacerations to his already fragile skin. Charred fingers fumbled to untie a small pouch at his waste. “Does he have a senzu?” she thought. “Hurry Goku!” she urged as she felt the life within him fading, and reality pulled her back to the training grounds.

Chi Chi felt the flood gate inside her crumble and she let out a tormented scream. Her aura burst forth in brilliant shades of crimson. The shockwave resounded for miles, the ominous thunder of it echoed loudly across the valley. Birds cawed as their trees were stripped of foliage. Through it all she didn’t care.

Her body rose into the air. Every hair on her body stood on end from the telekinetic force, tears of rage and pain poured from her eyes. She could feel the emotions welling inside her to an unbearable level. Chi Chi gave way to the power trying to take her over. Letting another wave of energy escape, the Son family house was reduced to splinters. Chi Chi could feel the fire inside. As her internal temperature rose small clouds of steam began to rise from her skin. All the moisture was slowly evaporating from her body.

She could feel Goku’s ki signature pulsing like a distress beacon in the distance. She wanted to fight, she wanted to save her husband, and most of all she wanted to hurt that horrible creature. The fire within began to scorch out of control. Chi Chi could feel her vision fading. Tattered bits of fabric and paper rained down in the wind from the house.

A single singed photograph fluttered in front of her before resting at her feet. Goku’s face beamed from the picture. It was the day she had given birth to Gohan, the first time Goku had ever held his son. She had her head rested on his shoulder staring down and the small child in his arms. Chi Chi watched as the smoldering embers consumed his face until there was nothing left. In that moment he was so easily erased.

Chi Chi felt the fire inside begin to die, replaced with an overwhelming sense of desolation. Her aura dimmed and her body descended from the sky. As her feet touched the ground she looked upon the destruction around her. The family home they had worked so hard to build was leveled. The photographs, the memories, all of it was stolen in a matter of seconds.

Chi Chi crumpled to her knees desperately trying to pick of the shattered remains of their lives, and start piecing things back together. In her emotional delusions she thought that maybe, just maybe if she could find every splinter, retrieve every broken object, maybe he would return. Her hands were shaking, her vision blinded with tears. Finally realizing how ludacris her train of thought was, Chi Chi resulted to giving in to the sorrow that threatened to consume her existence, l;etting her heart rip in two.

I’ve finally lost everything,” Chi Chi sobbed. With nothing left to do she curled into a ball, and wept.


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