A change of plans

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A change of plans

Post by Unit Zero on 8/25/2012, 4:45 pm

Zero was placed on the plate he was left to repair on and his mind cycled through events that had past recently

Zero was sat on the ground as if waiting for a pick up. The net still around him but the motion frying discharges have stopped seemingly fulfilled the objective, most of his motion control systems were fried and in need of replacement. Fortunately however the motion control was a common construct component easily attained having most of his body was a mass produced unit outfitted with some new tech and subjectively capable learning AI. Self repair was looping errors from the discharges stunning it until it can be extracted from his systems. This discharge had control mechanisms and targeting for maintaining the discharge some nano tech had entered Zero and was now focusing the nets electricity on his self repair systems. Who ever built this net knew how to render a robotic construct a paralysis overcome nest of technology ripe for harvesting. Access to any system of motion or offense other then the head has been disconnected and the defenses are utterly gone, all of his plating's maintenance hatches where scanner triggered and auto locking and now the locks were powered down so all it would need is to be pulled like a sliding screen door. All one would need to do to stop a resisting android in this position was open the chest and pull out the core power cell now held on by a detaching wire with all other restraints deactivated.

Zero had to lay where he was and comply or risk termination. Self preservation was one of the only programs existing in Zero and with so little development experience to alter it Zero obeyed laying in position no attempts to move or resist in any way. Zero could speak but he could see the units had little to say, mere pawns fallowing scripted acts and behavior under the orders o masters Zero read minimalistic neurological activity in the CPUs of these units purely showing that talking would serve no purpose .

Again zero was a fish in the net of the dictation of others if Zero had developed experience driven emotion this constant experience of powerlessness would be aggravating. However the lack of response of his core AI suggested no such thing existed at this time while submissive or hostile behavior could be simulated his CPU had yet to generate mentally emotional response, just acts to show more humanity then at current time existed within him.

Meanwhile in the unknown base.

“man that capture was too easy! I thought the unit was supposed to be a super computer brained construct, couldn’t face a minimalistic AI with that skill, I am insulted that my help was requested in such an easy target! I bet when I crack open his head I can break his fire walls no problem either, heck I chose the weakest to scope his power and not a single bit of damage from this prototype exists on any of the three. Still one has been taken down by an interfering fool, well I guess an ambush with the surviving units and make the fool regret his birth.” the large man said facing his computer ready to type the order to the special ally when the shady man returned to the screen.

“No change of plans, let them be captured, our modifications are still in effect, so while he may know how to take them down and remove most physical threat he does not know our improvements allow the sensory data to be transited with limited power to sustain them without the CPU so the face plates are actually still going to transmit on there own power supplies, we will know our enemy and with our final explosive surprise built into the units and the cores that a single fuze from us can turn into a stick of dynamite and all of the tech these units have have high explosive functions as a last resort it will turn to a regular fire works show. The cores in particular will be a big blast, we will know our enemies before we eliminate them in a massive explosion. Are the GPS on each unit active?” the shady man spoke plans eagerly.

The large man behind the monitor nodded “yeah. Are you thinking what I am thinking sir?” the man asked.

“Yes, they will take the units to a lab to be experimented on and we can use the GPS to scan for sleeper agents in the vicinity that can terminate any the blasts don’t kill. You will need hack the units and activate there dormant programs, can you bring yourself to that?”

“Sir I am the one who gave instructions to our special friend to commence the attack that killed 300 people and I knew it would.” The large man reassured his loyalty.

“but this is taking the will and perhaps destroying the life of a being that has evolved into the life they have been scripted to, can you ruin a beings existence?”

“these sleeper agents are just computer brains within bio androids, they are not people they are no more person then any other fully robotic entity, the only reason they were given biology was to pass blood tests and other things to get into jobs only organics would be allowed into, and as you say they are just scripts, so what if the AIs have evolved into thinking entity they are still machines in the end, they exist to be used we made them we could break them, they are tools there “will” is irrelevant they are only organic husks with computer brains made to fake whatever life we want them to have to get into fields that benefit us. We are the creators they are the creations no more alive then the tools we built them with.” the large man said picking out a Bavarian cream doughnut.

“Good if only I put you on that space station I would not needed to blow it up to dispose of evidence.” the man said laughing.

“Now I have a question for you, what if they capture the unit and do mental scans on the cpu in there heads? They are mechanical and the CPU has its own power supply so if they remove it from the skull they can scan it and the organs are actually for the most part mechanical as well so they can just go on pre programed functions thus removing the brain it can still be returned. How have you set up these units to avoid that blow to the cover?” the large man asked.

“Simple never tell a pawn more then they need to know. Just like the units you are using any data sleeping in the units is minimal yours is the only computer that can hack into there otherwise inaccessible command network. As well all the units know awake is what life they “lived” and the effect of the realization they are not human after the programs go back to sleep will be devastating. But they have no real life with a keystroke I can conclude there “lives” returning them to the state of machinery they started as, entirely blank robots.”The man said smirking evilly.

“have the two units fight this stranger but lose intentionally make it convincing though that they intend to kill.” the man ordered the friend and secret weapon.

Back with Zero

the machine lay naked in the net his form exposed all but his neck head and hands were robotic and sparking lightly.

The android lay rather detached from the events happening around him he was a robot new to existence only too often it seems on the verge of ending.

Zero suddenly detected an organic landing

<Are you here to aid or end me?>Zero thought unintentionally transmitting the question before blacking out.

Zero awoken unaware of anything that had happened and was now in the CC repair bay

Back with the black veil

the large man changed his mind “The master is right we need to take bigger first steps, we decimated a city and that is a bit to get a taste of our power later they will see how much of a threat we really are when hundreds of sleeper agents are among them city. So let them enjoy the blank units they have its an empty victory for them and we lose nothing in this first strike!”The man smiled looking at a globe projected on the monitor “Soon! Very soon!

Zero walked out to a waiting room to think about the next move he will make so much is empty within him and he did not know what to do next and without subjectivity few things come to his mind due to conflicting data regarding interaction with organics


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