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Post by Sigea on 8/28/2012, 11:01 pm

Ability Name: Tempest Zone |Stance|

Type: Utility – Detrimental - Attack

Description: This stance is unique in that it utilizes the very element to aid the user. The elements of Ice and the Cold winds help provide Sigea with an array of bonuses to attacks, modifying them into something completely new. It lasts 16 actions and can only be used twice per battle. Each strike under this stance increase the FP gain by 10%.

Strikes are still considered basic physical strikes, and result in the standard attack rating. However, they are now charged with the element of Ice. This causes a debilitating effect upon the enemy, caused by the extremely frigid temperature produced by each strike. If the strike is successful, the enemy's agility is lowered by 5% agility for the next two actions. If the physical strike enhanced by this stance is a counter attack, it lowers agility by 2%; however, Tempest Zone's effect only applies to one counter per battle. A rush attack can also be used to lower enemy agility, as opposed to increasing the user's strength. All pummels are rating one. Grapples cannot be used

Ki attacks - All ki attacks, though they have the same rating, reduce enemy agility by 1% for their next action. Additionally, because of the extremely frigid nature of Sigea's ki attacks in this state, Sigea is able to freeze a single enemy attack and negate it's damage, even if it's higher than his ki score, without taking any damage. This does not increase his negation count. Special attacks reduce enemy agility by using the following chart.

Attack Rating 1 – (-3% Agility)|1 Action|
Attack Rating 2 – (-6% Agility)|1 Action|
Attack Rating 3 – (-9% Agility)|2 Action|
Attack Rating 4 – (-12% Agility)|3 Action|
Attack Rating 5 – (-15% Agility)|4 Action|

Attack Rating: See Description for Details.

Actions: 1

FP Gain: See Description for Details.

Learning Cost: 190 TP

Requirement: Changeling Heritage (Icer)

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