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David Loyals

Post by David Loyals on 9/14/2012, 3:26 am

Character Name: David Loyals

Age 26

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Appearance (Picture Recommended:)

Starting Location: Earth

Biography (150 words:)

David Loyals had been a soldier for the earth’s government for years. However, he was captured by red ribbon an experimented on. They gave him special growth hormones and trained his body constantly to study the effects and it reached a point where David was at the peak of human potential. However, the hormones had a side effect… it made him mentally unstable… very mentally unstable.

Often seeing life as a “game”, he does become less caring and more sadistic as a result of the experiments but Red Ribbon base that held David prisoner was brought down and it’s reign of terror ended. However he managed to escape both the Earth’s Government forces attacking Red Ribbon and Red Ribbon itself, now loose on Earth he simply tries to find his place in the universe while balancing the effects of the hormones he took.

He often talks to an audience that isn’t there and refers to life as a “game on a forum played by a bunch of people on computers.”


You start with 50 as a base for each attribute and have 200 attribute points (AP) you may distribute amongst them.

Strength: 50 (+200)
Agility: 50
Ki: 50
Endurance: 50

You start with 50 technique points (TP). What abilities will you start with? Machine Gun Fist

How did you find this site? dbz top 25

Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you? Owner at the time TRUNKS!

Roleplay Sample (250 words):

The jungle of the planet had been raining for days. The rain continued to pour onto the canopy and muddied the ground. The forest’s latest inhabitant had laid unconscious on the ground, two weapons laid next to him, a sword and a dagger. The armor of the ranger was tattered and torn but the man beneath miraculously survived.

His amber eyes peered through the cracked black visor that he bore on his battle worn helmet. The sunlight seemed so bright, it hurt his eyes, the green armored warrior raised a gloved hand to shield his eyes and saw a few cuts into the fabric. A few bare fingertips were exposed and the Ranger’s consciousness quickly returned to him.

He had finished off the Power Rangers. Next Zordon recruited a new team and they too fell under the Green Ranger’s blade. After an intense duel against the team’s latest addition, a white ranger, Tommy Oliver raided the command base. Right as he raised his sword against the defenseless wizard, Zordon… the world around him vanished. He woke up in the same state of as he had left his world. Except now the world around him has changed.

He had one mission in mind, one mission that burned his soul to anguish… Destroy the Power Rangers. He got up slowly and felt a slight struggle as the mud stuck to him like an infant connected to its mother. The green warrior removed his helmet and it struck the mud. He needed a new source of power, as his ranger form was now too damaged to be of any good but he had at least thought of summoning his Megazord. He retrieved both weapons from the Ground and held the flute to his lips, he blew a ritualistic tune and then emitted small traces of his green energy into his sound but yet nothing happened… his Dragonzord had not come… as if it was gone.

Then he remembered. Dragonzord had been defeated by the second team’s megazord at the cost of both Zord’s power and forcing the entire team to fight him solo. He threw the dagger down in anger. The Dragonzord had gotten him through countless battles, losing his Zord was like losing a long lost pet or even a friend. He felt a few tears fall but they were more bitter, angry tears than sweet, tears of sorrow. He balled his hand into a fist and smashed the ground, as if cursing whatever brought him here and the Rangers for destroying his only friend.

He was angry now more than ever because he was stuck in a forest where he didn’t even know where he was or how he got here. Tommy demorphed his helmet and sealed his weapons away. He didn’t need them now and his helmet was almost like a marker of shame and rage to him. He walked through the forest, searching for any clues to lead him to a new power source and eventually a new mech.

He heard many birds chirping overhead and saw a large swarm of pterodactyls flying overhead. He looked up and investigated further and discovered a person riding one of the larger Pterodactyl. Tommy, almost relived shouted and waved his arms.

Almost at once an arrow was somehow shot down upon him from the female riding up ahead. Flying down and swooping with the mighty beat of dinosaur wings onward and waving flaps of air on the ground and trees below.

Tommy materialized both his weapons before him and struck a defensive pose. The Green Armored Warrior out the way the female warrior as she leaped down, the mighty beast and owner lunged with a ferocious savagery unknown to any other known animal.

The warrior woman pulled out a small wooden longbow and shot a few more arrows, these whizzed by Tommy as he dodged and quickly counter with a front Arial flip and planted both feet into the chest of the female. The native fell back and slid across the jungle floor. The green ranger quickly decided to finish her off and was about to strike the ground with the tip of his sword when he was suddenly knocked off his feet by an arrow.

The arrow sizzled with a pink energy of the almost same type of power he remembered Kimberly had used as the pink ranger though it was different, it was almost as if it was from a different source.

The female huntress shot more arrows at him and he avoided them by playing his flute, the magic created by the sound managed to protect him for a few blast but one lucky arrow got through and struck him in the shoulder, not enough to pierce but enough to cause some injury.

The female gave a battle shriek as she charged throwing an arial kick at him landing right at the Green Ranger’s injured arm. Tommy gave a shriek of pain and fell to his side. Smelling victory, the female landed right ontop of him, pinning him to the ground and began to savagely beat him with blow after blow in the face. Tommy was almost defenseless. Reaching out as he suffered strike after strike to the face, he tried to pull the dagger towards him by using his mental connection to it.

After a few agonizing seconds the dagger flew straight to his hand and he brought it up to swiftly stab the female warrior, making a satisfying hacking sound right as it pierced her side. It was enough to have the female get off and lay over from excruciating pain and roll in agony.

Tommy crawled to his sword and would slowly get up with it, using it as an extra leg of support. Then he stumbled to the laying female huntress and lunged downward with his sword. The blade pierced her right in between her breasts as she died she made a few gurgling noises, her blood escaped her from her mouth and she focused two pearly blue eyes at her slayer. Hatred did not seem to be alive in them but instead only pity and sadness.

She gave one final sigh and tilting her head to the left she finally gave into her eternal slumber… and died…

Next to him the Pterodactyl roared and beat it’s wings furiously as if to escape a certain doom about him. However, it began to fade in and out very suddenly and it exploded into a pink energy that whirled around the dead body of the fallen female warrior. The body became the eye of a mystical pink tornado and the energy then became a vortex all being absorbed at a fixed point on the dead body. The center point of the energy vortex was a small rose colored amethyst, worn as a necklace around the female’s neck. Before it was the average colored stone but now it glowed with a burning sensation and force of power about it.

Tommy knelt down and grabbed the stone, at once it’s power transferred into his body and healed his wounds. Recovering from the arrow wound from the earlier attack and restored bits of his costume. Though several questions still remained in the Green armored Warrior’s mind, why did she attack why did the gem behavior so suddenly and why does it carry a certain magic about it. The Green Ranger clenched it into his fist and materialized it, keeping it for later. Then he sheathed his weapons, not knowing what challenges the forest might yet to throw at him.

With a new Goal in mind, the Green Ranger was now determined and willing to rush through the jungle, cutting down everything in his path to reach his goal.

(From another site, me playing evil Green Ranger)
David Loyals
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Re: David Loyals

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Welcome back!

You are approved my good sir.


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