The Future of IDBZ

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The Future of IDBZ

Post by Goku on 9/24/2012, 11:14 am


As of right now, our forum and RPG are hosted by a company called Forummotion. Forummotion allows people to make free forums of their choosing. It has a lot of features, but you are limited to what they offer. There is no disk space, or storage space and you can't really optimize your site for search engines, the way it needs to be.

I feel I've outgrown Formmotion as a webmaster. I've learned new skills to help grow the RPG and flourish our member base. I've also had a yearning to add features onto the forums that are not possible with Forummotion.

What does this mean?

We will be switching to a new domain, from which I've already purchased hosting for. It will be Adding the RPG onto the URL and having control over Search Engine Optimization will allow us to show up in more Google searches and hopefully enable our site to grow in popularity and member base. The new host also allows for MySQL databases, which means I can host my own forum, which I can fully customize to my liking and to give you guys more fun features to play around with.

This switch isn't happening yet. I have a lot of work to do over the next few weeks to get all the site information moved over and to set up everything.

It also will be coming with a large patch. The patch will include major changes to many of the site's systems. Since you've all been good sports about this, I will give you guys a sneak peak into what is in store and to get your feedback before I go through with implementing these changes.

- I'm introducing Traits. There will be two kinds, Major and Minor. Major Traits are gained every 10 levels. Minor Traits are gained every 5 levels. These will replace Specializations, Soul Forging, and equipment to a degree. You will be able to choose which benefits you want. So, you wish to have one of each trait that gives +15% all attributes, you could do that. or, if you wish to have a trait that reduces fatigue (like Mystic benefits,) and the next time you get to a 10th level, you want pick up a trait that gives you more strikes in a pummel (like Martial Artist benefits,) you could! You build your character the way you want them, no more set paths of what will get. This will make characters less generic.

- Equipment will play a lesser roll. Why? Well, I've never been happy with equipment. I always felt like in DBZ, the clothing a character wore in battle did little for them (other than armor maybe.) A t-shirt doesn't make someone stronger, nor does a pair of boots make them faster. Since this is an RPG, I'm not going to fully eliminate it though. RPGs are notorious for equipment and getting better stuff always is fun. There will be three slots. An Outfit slot and 2 Accessories. They will give you minor bonuses. For example, Saiyan Armor might give you +4 vitality, because of its protective nature.

- A lot of people have said they wished there were more ability slots. I've re-done the abilities and added tons of new ones to boot. There are more ability progression lines as well. For example, Kamehameha leads to Super Kamehamha, leads to Kamehameha x10. Once you have Kamehameha x10, the previous versions will no longer take a slot. Because of this you will be limited to 3 finishers (attack rating 5 abilities.) However, in the end, you be able to have more abilities.

Note: No matter what, even though we're migrating, there will NOT be a reset. You will keep your character levels. Everyone will have to re-do their characters upon entering the new forums, but everything you've worked hard will not be erased. XP isn't changing, so there are no worries there. Your character will also receive a sort of zeni refund for the lost equipment. It will be substantial and beyond what that equipment costs.


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