The Fall of The Cleric

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The Fall of The Cleric Empty The Fall of The Cleric

Post by Gaza on 10/3/2012, 6:22 pm

Gaza had allowed ample time for 'The Cleric' to prepare, and he hoped it would be a great fight, and a close one. With the Namekians being of substantially lower toughness than himself, it was going to be surprising if his wish to come true. They hadn't proved to be much yet, nothing more than a few mere training dummies, just less durable. Five dying Namekians, all gave their energy to the Cleric as a last hurrah. He hoped that they were powerful enough to bring this apparent savior to a level of which could match his own, but it'd be unlikely. If five of them buckled after such a small assault, then what chance did one single Namekian stand? None, he thought.

He hovered over the ashy crater that once held a village. The remnants left a happy feeling inside of him. "Hmm..." He said aloud, "I wonder if I could coax the Cleric into wagering another ball on our battle." The thought hadn't occurred until now, and it would be very enjoyable if he did so. Though, with a man of his alleged power and importance, he might just be carrying a ball anyway. That would make this much easier.

He had no wish to continue being on this blue planet once he finished his task, and the sooner the better. If he could gather them all now and be done with it he would, but there was much more work to be done, starting with this Cleric fellow.

"Hell, is he going to show up or not?" Gaza said impatiently. "I've had enough of waiting, it's ridiculous." he added, crossing his arms. "Hmmm.... Perhaps I can draw him out." Gaza smirked, it was brilliant. Perhaps if he caused some sort of disturbance, The Cleric would have no choice but show himself.


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