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Reward Claiming Template Empty Reward Claiming Template

Post by Goku on 1/9/2012, 5:41 pm

You must fill out one of these for each thread you participate in.

Thread Name: The title of the thread.
Type: Solo RP, Duo RP, Group RP, Spar, Battle?
Link: A link to the thread.
Link to Character Sheet: A link to your wiki page.
Participants: Everyone who participated in the roleplay.
Word Count: Your word count and group total.
Quest Rewards: If it is a quest, what rewards does it give?
Modifiers: Any racial benefits, specialization benefits, feats, astral spirits, runes, or items that might modify what rewards you gain.
Hero or Villain Points: Are you or other participants requesting Hero or Villain points, if so, how many?
Minions: Please link us to any minions that would be affected by you leveling up.


[b]Thread Name:[/b]
[b]Link to Character Sheet:[/b]
[b]Word Count:[/b]
[b]Quest Rewards:[/b]
[b]Hero or Villain Points:[/b]

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