Goumi, Original Character

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Goumi, Original Character

Post by Goumi on 1/21/2012, 11:41 am

I was pretty tired when I did all this, so apologies if I did something wrong.

Character Name: Goumi

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Xeno

Appearance (Picture Recommended:)

Starting Location: Arlia


You start with 50 as a base for each attribute and have 200 attribute points (AP) you may distribute amongst them.

Strength: 125
Agility: 55 [+25 from race]
Ki: 60
Endurance: 160

You start with 50 technique points (TP). What abilities will you start with? Barrier

Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you? I stumbled onto it while forum hopping.

Please post a link to your wiki profile: http://infinitedbz.wetpaint.com/account/Goumi

Background (150 words:) Goumi was born to a race bred for war, to a household particularly known for it. Her once proud species was absorbed into the collective mass of PTO mercenaries--no longer did they have a distinct culture, a history, or even a name. They were Xenos, just like every other race that now blended together under King Kold's thumb. Indeed, there was nothing special about Goumi's particular breed of Xeno, nor was there anything special about Goumi herself. She wasn't the weakest, nor the strongest. She wasn't prophesied, chosen, or foretold. She simply... was. She was born like the others, trained like the others, and like many (but not all), she one by one lost her family to the cruel realities of trade and mercenary work. Without much work ethic to fall back on, the realization of loneliness was more than enough to drive Goumi out of the "family business," given specifically that she no longer had a family to speak of. She'd see other members of her once identifiable species, sure, but it wasn't the same--only blood, only direct kin really meant anything in the sea of alien races, and Goumi's direct lineage was gone.

She struck out on her own, seeking a new life, a new mode of existence. She could be a bartender, perhaps, or a construction worker. It didn't matter, really--as long as she wasn't living in the shadows of the dead. Unfortunately, life can be hard when you're young, dumb, and more than a bit naive. Goumi's first step toward her new life involved buying a ship--a faulty ship at a cutthroat price. Every last dime of her dead family's money was blown on a cramped, jury rigged vessel that would take her soaring off course, spiraling wildly into the atmosphere of Arlia.

Roleplay Sample (250 words:) Goumi winced visibly as the clangs and clatters echoed through the meager craft. It was a very small spacecraft, comprised of very little; it wouldn't take long, she assumed, for so little to be torn away and expose the occupant. Seconds passed, though they felt like hours; the hollow screeching of metal layers scraping off the exterior was drowned out by the blaring of alarms. The oxygen was depleting at a frantic pace. Fuel was pouring out newly formed crevices across the ship's surface, when it wasn't preparing to combust in the engine--potentially murdering her before time and gravity could. And the heat--oh, the heat. Beads of sweat formed across her dense pink forehead as the temperature spiked, dramatic entry turning her shaking craft into a fireball as it plummeted toward... well, she didn't know. Going at this speed, she didn't care; unless the world's surface was made of pillows and mercy, any and every planet in the galaxy right now was tentatively named The Crash Site.

Her featured drew in deep, violet stained lips scowling. She wouldn't cry out, she wouldn't plea to the sky. She was a warrior, born and bred. She didn't want to be, but she was. She couldn't force herself to be any more afraid, she couldn't will her bones to shake. Even as the extreme temperatures in the cabin ate away at her clothes and chipped at her armor, even as it threatened her very durable hide... even then, her reaction was one of scrutiny, frustration, and disappointment. She wasn't afraid. She wasn't saddened. Just... disappointed. She breathed in deep; for just one moment, she would have loved to lose focus. She would have given anything to want to scream, to panic, but... nothing. She would die just as miserably as her parents did, accepting and via stupid circumstance. She'd have given the world just... to feel something.

The smoke and debris cleared from the cracking glass before her, revealing thin clouds. Her ship was approaching the planet's surface, she had at least made it that far. Her heart began to beat at a very different pace, her breath starting to catch in her throat. Was she suffocating? Was she breathing her last? Or was this... was this hope? The drops of sweat oozed downward, rolling across the contours of her easing grimace. They were a welcome distraction from the tears starting to well beneath her eyes.

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Re: Goumi, Original Character

Post by King on 1/21/2012, 12:10 pm

Alright, Goumi...

First, Welcome to the site.

Second, You did good on your form and roleplay.

Third, here's how you handle the whole wiki link thing...


Click on that link. Move your mouse up to where it says sign up. It'll be some black lettering stamped on a gold icon. Click that. Then you will fill out the information that is needed. Then you go to where it says My Profile. It'll be some white lettering against a long dark red, possibly maroon, row and sitting next to the links Inbox and Invite. Click on Profile. Copy the address for your page, and then post it here on your join form where it's asking you to do such.


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