~Oldbie returning.~ (Formerly Alberdyne)

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~Oldbie returning.~ (Formerly Alberdyne)

Post by Creno Valour on 8/7/2012, 3:36 pm

(Fresh new Character! I discussed this with Bri!)

Character Name: Creno Valour

Age 35

Gender: Male

Race: (Custom) Saiyan

Appearance (Picture Recommended:)

Creno stands at roughly 6'3" and weighs approximately 300 lbs. This is pure muscle however and an even distribution of body fat. Creno has very short hair for a Saiyan. He has wild bangs though, four strands of them at the front. The rest of his hair is wild at the top. It should be noted that Creno wears a single braided strand of hair that goes down to his chest. This hair is a custom of his family. Creno had light brown skin tone and blue eyes. He is scarred from constant fighting as is The Saiyan way of life.

Starting Location: Earth.

Biography (150 words:) Creno comes from a simple Saiyan household. His Father was one a high standing soldier in Vegeta's army. However, he got brutally injured during a siege and never returned to service. Now retired, Creno's Father spends his days taking care of his family. Creno however, has aspirations to one day join The Saiyan Army and regain the glory his family rightfully should have. Creno is generally a calm man, more of a strategist than a brute warrior. Creno ended up on Earth because his family relocated after his Father decided he wanted to raise Creno in a much safer environment. Creno has reached adulthood on Earth but always dreamed of returning back to his homeland, Vegeta. Brought up with Earthman beliefs, Creno has chosen the life of a Hero for himself. He is an honest individual, and will help people in need where ever he can.


You start with 50 as a base for each attribute and have 200 attribute points (AP) you may distribute amongst them.

Strength: +200 AP

You start with 50 technique points (TP). What abilities will you start with?

1-Assault Stance Rank 1 (-50 TP)

How did you find this site? I'm a former veteran returning to the site.

Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you? Brian.

Roleplay Sample (250 words):
Creno Valour

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Re: ~Oldbie returning.~ (Formerly Alberdyne)

Post by Chi Chi on 8/7/2012, 4:50 pm



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