V-Jupiter (Custom Character)

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V-Jupiter (Custom Character)

Post by V-Jupiter on 8/24/2012, 2:58 am

Character Name: Vaudeux Jupiter (Goes by Jupiter)

Age: 26 Years old

Gender: Male

Race: Primary - Shin / Secondary - Human

Appearance (Picture Recommended:)

Starting Location: Earth

Biography (150 words:)
Jupiter, born from the combination of a Shin and a human was raised by his human mother. His father on the other hand was never around for him to have known at all. As such even though his Shin blood was much stronger than his human blood he always thought of himself as a human first and foremost. As time passed the feelings of abandonment turned into a strong resentment. This resentment was what first drove him fighting. Though his mother would never speak of him Jupiter was able to uncover some information about the Shin in general and his father. His father, other than being a Shin had been a powerful weapons master. He had even found his father’s old swords in the attic of their old house, which his mother had poorly hidden around the time of his birth. With this knowledge his goals began to become clearer. He needed to become stronger so he trained and fought as often as his body would allow. And with that power he plans to find his father, but what happens after that he won’t know till he stands before him.


You start with 50 as a base for each attribute and have 200 attribute points (AP) you may distribute amongst them.

Strength: 50+100=150
Agility: 50+50=100
Ki: 50+25=75
Endurance: 50+25=75+25 for Human edurance

You start with 50 technique points (TP). What abilities will you start with?
Burning Attack
Attack - Ball
After a series of rapid arm movements you bring your hands together, forming a diamond with your index fingers and thumbs, shooting out a ki ball.
Attack Rating: 3
Actions: 1
FP Gained: +32
Prerequisites: None
Learning: 50 TP


Teleporation - You bend the forces of time and space, moving from one place to another instantly. Allows you to instantly dodge an attack made against you or to launch a surprise attack that is nearly impossible to dodge. Teleportation can't be paired with an ability with an attack rating higher than 3. Teleporting in battle adds +32 to FP. May only use once per battle. Outside of battle you can use it once per month to travel to a planet of choice without needing a ship or a shuttle pass.

How did you find this site? Googled DBZ RPG. Site was thrid from top

Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you? Nope, found i on my own

Roleplay Sample (250 words): This a post from another site I'm on.


Staring out the window helplessly at the full moon in the night sky, Faith once again found herself locked up in the families tower while they were away to so and so's fancy party. She of course had never been permitted to go to such things and they locked her up each time to make sure she didn’t go anywhere or raid the pantry. After all she was only allowed to eat when her parents allowed it.

The room in which she now stood by the window was pretty plain, a small cot in the corner of the room (no sheets) and a bucket for those lady like things. What made things worse, if that were even possible was that the tower was always much more chilly then the rest of her families large mansion. Taking one last look at the world outside she turned her back and slowly paced around the room as she didn't have much else better to do.

As the hours slowly passed it seemed her family was in no hurry to return to release her at any time. Passing the window for the unknown number of times she hadn't noticed the lone figure separating itself from the small village a ways off. That is until something came smashing through the window and landed near her feet.

After pealing herself off the ceiling, figuratively speaking of course she grabbed the object to discover it to be a small rock. A small rock with a note attacked. Thinking that this could very well be the most exciting thing to happen to her tonight she quickly looked out the window to see someone standing far below her. Unfortunately the light of the moon was not enough to uncover the face of this stranger. Looking once again to the small rock she quickly removed the note to see some sort of odd glyph etched upon it. Opening the note she saw scrawled upon it what could only be described as chicken scratch, fortunately she could read chicken scratch.

"You don't know me, but I have heard of you."
"I know you have power, that much different than your family."
"This could be your one and only chance to escape if that is what you wish."
"If I were you I’d take it, you owe me one."

It took a few moments for what was written to sink in. How was this her one chance to escape, it’s not like she could fly or anything. Looking back outside for answers however proved useless as the man was now nowhere to be seen. Looking once again to the note and flipping it over she noticed more chicken scratch.

"P.S. This rock will allow you to float like a feather just this once. So don’t say I never gave you anything."

Putting two and two together, she now knew what to do. She now knew how to get the one thing she wanted most of all, her freedom. Grabbing the bucket, which luckily was empty she smashed what was left of the window and with strange magical rock held tightly in her hand she jumped out the window.

Present Time

One week later she now found herself on the shores of what she believed was known as the Moonsea. Oh and I'm completely lost, she thought as she continued her way down the beach. It couldn’t really be helped however; she left home with nothing but the clothing on her back and a strange rock with a glyph upon it (which no longer seemed to function). She thought of chucking it into the sea but it was the only connection she had to the mystery man who had helped her. If only she had a map, but then again she had no specific destination in mind either, so what help could it be.

With the moon out yet again she found herself walking along the beach with a makeshift walking stick, which turned out to be some sort of quarterstaff she had found among some driftwood. Even though things didn't look good she at the least was free of her family. If I ever see another tower again it’ll be too soon, she thought drawing random doodles into the smooth white sand beneath her feet.

The night was pleasant, not too cool and the heat of the day still lingered within the sand. Finding as nice of place as any she dropped to the ground. For the first time since leaving home she began to think of what was in store for here. So far the mystery man had yet to make an appearance so she needed to make something of herself. If only so she could afford her next meal.

It wasn't until there was the ever slightest movement to her left that she snapped back into reality. Beside her was a small rat like thing (a ferret). She had never seen anything like it before and had no better guess as to what it really was.

"You lost too little thing?" she asked knowing that she wouldn't really get any kind of verbal response. It did however glance up, looking into her eyes. Then it proceeded to crawl up on top and snuggle into her lower stomach. "I think I'll call you Skittles, how does that sound?"

And with that she had made her first friend as she continued to gaze up into the night sky above, with no knowledge of what was about to begin.

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Re: V-Jupiter (Custom Character)

Post by Chi Chi on 8/24/2012, 1:23 pm

Accepted! Welcome to IDBZ, glad you could join us. I left your login name the same. If you'd like a different/shorter version of your characters name just let me know


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