Dream Job - King Cold Wants You! Quest

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Dream Job - King Cold Wants You! Quest

Post by Oranga on 8/6/2012, 2:52 am

King Cold Wants You!

Easy Quest

Requirements: None

Reward: 1,000 Zeni and PTO Insignia.

The PTO is always looking for rough and tough warriors to do their bidding. You saw a sign that says "King Cold Wants You!" and head to the recruiter. The recruiter calculates your power level and is surprised that you're not just some rat from the streets. But, the test is whether or not you can fight. Defeat two of his soldiers and prove yourself.

PTO Insignia - You are considered among the ranks of the PTO.

Oranga having been on the planet now for a few days, now chooses to join the organization he is so proud of: the Planet Trade Organization.

Oranga walked across the streets, with the sounds from the shops and stalls, the voices of the sellers and the by-standers overlapped one another. He walked inside of the grocery stores and asked where can he join the PTO.
The cashier simply pointed to a poster at the wall behind the tanned individual, who turned around and saw the poster. The poster had the picture of a blue alien who looked like an elite, wearing battle armor with enlarged texts that told "King Cold Wants You!".
He approached the poster to look for the address and finds it to be no more than 15 blocks away.

As he reaches the address, he finds a building about 10 stories tall and wide enough to be match a football stadium. Just outside, a small stall is located where an aquatic-like alien is sitting, visibly bored and reading a magazine with his legs on his desk.
Oranga walked towards him. The xeno saw him coming and simply just put his magazine down and turned to the tanned man.

"*sigh* So, are you here to apply or are you just here admire the view?" The blu-skinned alien then asked him in a rather depressing manner.

"Well, I'm here to apply" he answered quickly, nervous and surprised.

The recruiter put his legs down from the table, stood up and opened a drawer from his stall and brought out a scouter. He pushes one of the buttons and the scanner calculated the tanned man's power level.

"Hehh, you've got some power there. You ain't just some nobody are you?" The recruiter comments as his expression changed, the alien smiled and looked like he had some interest for the warrior and agrees to let him join, "Follow me".

The recruiter lets Oranga in the building and leads him to a room about the size of a house where two other aliens were standing just 15 meters away: one of them just had a single eye, with red skin, and the other looked more human, with two horns visible on each side of his head.

"Well, to join us there is just one test, one simple test. You gotta prove you got enough strength to be a part of PTO." The recruiter told him.

"Okay, then how do I do it?" Oranga asked gleefully.

The aquatic xeno smiled and answered, "Beat those two guys over there and consider yourself a PTO member. Those two are the B Duo. They barely manage to be successful on their missions, that's why they were the ones picked for this job".

"So it's that simple huh?" the man smiles devilishly and added, "Can we start now?".

The recruiter, surprised that someone would excitingly want to fight the two, knowing the duo may be some of their average fighters but, they are still PTO fighters. "Battle you fools!" He shouted, signaling the start of the fight.

The atmosphere around the group got heavier, their killing intents almost materializing. Oranga realizes that his two opponents are still dangerous, even if the duo were weak by PTO standards. He now knew that the Planet Trade Organization ain't some group to be messed with.
The B Duo then started to charge towards Oranga, who fired a ki blast to the one on the right, to the horned one. The PTO horned fighter blocked it with both arms.

Oranga dashed backwards while still facing the his foes and continued to release ki blasts from his hands. The blasts were deflected by the two, changing the direction of the attacks towards the walls of room, which proved to be tougher than it looked as it only left scorch marks on them.

His two opponents managed to get close to him and forced him to melee combat. The tanned individual fought on even grounds with the duo. The two PTO fighters attacked with a flurry of kicks and punches while Oranga blocked and barely dodges and then countered with a knee to the gut to the one-eyed foe. The flurry from that same opponent stopped as he dropped to his knees, writhed in pain, while the other one continued his'.

The horned warrior nearly hit Oranga with a roundhouse kick to the head, however the PTO contender barely dodged it downward as the kick simply brushes through his shaggy, red hair. The man then proceeded to grab the horned foe by that same leg. Just as this happened, the one-eyed warrior managed to recover and rushes towards Oranga. The contender then threw the horned man towards the cyclops, making the duo crash into one another and then crashed to the wall.

The horned-one stood up but was still groggy from the impact, while the cyclops were knocked out. The awake one slapped the unconscious warrior a couple of times before he(the one eyed one) woke up again. The B Duo were visibly furious as the pulsating nerves on heads and gritting teeth could clearly be seen from where the contender was standing.

Oranga simply smirked at them and slowly walked to their direction. The two compressed their ki's on their respective hands and each releases a beam of their own, with one being blue and the other one dark red. The tanned xeno then crossed his arms in front of him to block the two beams. The force of the attack pushed him a few meters back but after the two exhausted themselves of their energy and stopped firing their beam leaving them hunched on their back, the young fighter took this chance to dash toward his foes and clotheslined the duo to the wall.

The cyclops managed to remain conscious from the attack but, the other one wasn't that resilient and was completely knocked out, with the clothesline leaving a deep mark just below his neck and also leaving his tongue hanged out. The surviving one staggered and was using all of his strength just to remain standing and balanced. Even at this state the one-eyed alien smiled, this gave the tanned man a feeling that this battle isn't over and it's about to get messy. He instinctively took a defensive stance.

For the first time, his enemy spoke, "You feel it, don't ya?" he said while smiling.

"It's because we're weak that we come up with things to make up for a lack in power. You should be honored, you're the first one who'll see this" The cyclops continued as he walked up to his partner and put his hand on his(the other one's) chest.

From what Oranga saw, the two warriors started to merge as energy crackled in the air. It seemed liked the cyclops slowly dived into his partner's body and disappeared. The horned warrior then opened his eyes, seemingly recovered. and stood up as the tanned xeno looks on in surprise and amazement.
The recovered PTO warrior started to change as his color changed, he became more muscular, and he grew spikes on his shoulder and four more horns on the top of his head and an extra eye with slitted pupils sticking out from the middle of his forehead. He grew into a 10 feet tall behemoth that towered over the recruiter and the contender.

"*whistle*, So that's their secret" The aquatic xeno exclaimed as he looks on to the giant before him.

"Hahahahaha" The giant laughed in what seemed to be a mix of two warped voices.

"Our fusion name is Morlik. For you that name is the name of the man who killed you, remember it you fool" He added haughtily.

"Let's continue, shall we" He suggested as he walked towards the defensive Oranga.

The towering warrior then tried again to hit his opponent with a barrage of kicks and punches but to no avail, as their merging or fusion apparently gave him some increase in power and speed. However, that improvements still wasn't enough as Oranga simply smiled as he continued to dodge his attacks with some effort, with him being a little exhausted, which showed that transformation wasn't all for naught. As the giant continued, Morlik became more and more exhausted and eventually stopped his assault.
The exhausted xeno dropped into one knee and used one of his hands to support it as a result. The tanned warrior took this chance and kicked the monster on the side of his head, making Morlik fly to side and again crash to the wall, but this time he completely crashes through the wall, knocking out the monster once and for all. He lays down face-first on the streets as the passer-byes looks on.

Morlik then split up and returned back to being the B Duo, both warriors unconscious. Oranga still standing from where he hit the fused monster, visibly exhausted but not as much as his fallen opponents as the recruiter approached him and asked, "Name, kid?".

"Oranga, Oranga Threece" The victor responded as he continued to pant and in attempt to keep breathing normally.

"Welcome to the Planet Trade Organization, Oranga boy" The recruiter said to congratulate the new member of PTO as he handed him a scouter of his own.

"Come back here tomorrow , you'll get the unofficial introduction to the others and maybe, your first mission if you're lucky" He continued as he walked away, left Oranga smiling as his happiness is so overwhelming that he couldn't hold it back, and to his choice on how to spend his day and to prepare for his first day at the organization he had been hoping to join for a long time.

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