DB Quest #2

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DB Quest #2

Post by Future Trunks on 8/25/2012, 4:46 pm

"So is this a dragonball?" A tall bearded man replied. He stood next to a smaller, but more muscular man, inside a namekian hut. Around them lie the remains of what used to be a namekian village. The taller man moved his battle worn body past the corpses of each dead namek. Their faces written with horror as their final pose. It was an unsettling site to say the least. These men obviously were up to no good, and what was worse is they already had one of the dragonballs in their possession. Meaning, that the saiyan prince would have to eventually kill them in order to claim this artifact as his own.

"I dunno Baas, it doesn't look to special to me." Finally the shorter man spoke, he had a low grungy type voice. The type of voice that small children feared in their nightmares. This shorter warrior stood around five foot six, his hair stood up much like Vegetas. In that same manner both of these warriors seemed to have many saiyan feature. Both warriors wore a mixture of black and dull gray saiyan armors, not the new versions, but the older version. It still had should pads attached, which had been stopped after only a year of production. These pads limited mobility, something that most saiyans needed during their bloody battle.

The taller warrior, his name now known as Baas, had the same type of armor but it was a new version. This man obviously was the stronger of the two. He had that leader type of swagger about him. Baas turned to his comrade, his right hand lifted and stroked his short beard. "What do you know? Just carry the damned thing." The man ordered, continuing to walk outside of the namekian hut. The shorter fighter followed, just as commanded.

As both of the men felt the sharp, powerful rays of planet nameks sun beat down on their faces, they looked at each other once more. They had actually found this dragonball without any help of a dragon radar, which was remarkable in itself. The only problem was they were not sure where to even start looking for the next. It was more of luck than anything that they had stumbled upon this item that they were searching for. Baas looked down on his follower, as he normally did due to his short stature.

"You better make sure nothing happens to that damn ball, you understand Spazz?" The question seemed to have a bit of threat to it. Spazz wasn't sure if he should really answer it, as his leader had a mean streak a mile wide. If he popped off at him the wrong way, he could be killed in the spot that he stood. The reputation that Baas had acquired on planet vegita exceeded itself. Spazz decided it was best to just nod his head in agreement.

Baas looked back up at the sky above the two warriors, almost searching for something. "I swear to you lord. I will show you I have what it takes to be your royal guard. I will find all the dragonballs and make your wish. For my king, for my planet, and for all the saiyans in the universe." Baas spoke with the up most sincerity in his voice. He was a saiyan alright, his pride and loyalty were all obvious signs of this. It was unknown how the saiyan warriors discovered the dragonballs, but given their vast amount of universal knowledge it was not out of the realm of possibility that they had just heard rumors of such.

Baas lowered his head back down to his comrade. "Lets go. We have more to collect. I noticed a large home not far from this point, that will be out next target. A namekian with his own home of that size is bound to have a dragonball in his possession." The bearded saiyan lifted himself into the air using his own chi, Spazz did the same. Spazz would follow his leader anywhere, he after all owed him his life. After a long battle on a far planet, Spazz was on his last leg. He had fought long and hard but the enemies were far too powerful. That was when Baas showed up. This saiyan was one of the elite warriors on planet vegita, and it showed during this battle. He single handily finished what Spazz and his group of warriors could not, thus saving the short saiyan from sure destruction. For that he owed Baas everything, a debt that would be paid as soon as these dragonballs were found. That would be his wish, to give Baas anything that he wanted, and power was what he wanted.


'Bleep!' The dragonball locator rang out from within the right pocket of the saiyan princes clothing. Trunks lowered his hand down and pulled out this strange device. He noticed that on the screen another dragonball had been located. He was surprised on how little range this item had, the reason why he now flew through the skies searching for signal. Before he could say a word, the radar spoke for him.

"Trunks, a few hundred feet away is another dragonball. It seems to be in another village, just like the last." The dragonball radars words played through Trunks mind like a soothing melody. He would have never thought that finding these dragonballs would be so easy. If he knew all he had to do would be to slaughter a bunch of nameks and steal their artifacts in order for him to become all powerful, then he would have done it a long time ago. This was far too easy. Trunks didn't say a word as he lowered the radar back into his clothing, he was not about to start up another conversation with the device. He now knew of the balls location and that was where he would set a course.

First thing was first, he did notice a large home not far from where he was currently flying. This would be the first place he would visit, the place had to have food, and with a saiyans appetite at the moment, was more important than the dragonballs. Before Trunks had left for planet namek, he remembered Broly telling him one thing. There was already another member of "The Fallen" stationed on namek. Though this warrior had not collected one dragonball, perking suspicion in the faction. Trunks was sent to figure out why the one called Sigea had not done what he was asked of him. Possibly he had other matters to attend to that none of his fellow members of "The Fallen" had any clue about. This was why Trunks was here, to figure out the matter and decide on if Sigea could actually be trusted. All members knew he had the power, but was his loyal?

The only problem was, he was changeling and icer, one of the sworn enemies of Trunks and all saiyans. This reason alone gave Trunks little to base his trust on. None the less, he would find Sigea and get him to help find these damned dragonballs. Two powerful warriors together, would mean doom for any opposition that stood in their way.

'Why the fuck did Sigea not have one damned dragonball? Is it really that hard to beat up on these weak namekians and take it? Oh, and he better have some food!' The saiyan thought to himself as he flew, not really paying attention to the beeping of notification that his dragon locator was emitting.


"Baas, can't we just sit this ball down somewhere safe? My arms are getting tired." Spazz complained, he knew that this would most likely upset his fellow saiyan, but it was the truth. Baas continued to fly, paying no attention to his weaker comrade behind him. All he knew is that if Spazz dropped the dragonball, he would tear him limb from limb. Spazz struggled to keep up, but continued to complain. "Baas... did you hear me?" This time it got attention of the bearded saiyan. It was like he was traveling with a damn child. Children needed one thing when complaining, to be tough a lesson on how to shut the fuck up.

"Spazz, do you see the ground down there?" Baas asked of his shorter saiyan pal in a calm and soothing manner. Spazz looked down towards the ground, yes he saw it, but what was so special about it? As sweat dripped down the now nervous saiyan he decided to answer.

"Um.. yes?" Spazz was reluctant on receiving his leaders reply, as most questions Baas asked, it could only end in two ways. Death or Death.

Baas suddenly stopped flying and turned his attention towards his follower. The larger saiyan shot out his right fist and grasped the top of Spazzs armor, pulling him in closer to make sure he understood every word that came from his saiyan lips.

"If you say one more word before we arrive at our destination, I will rip you apart and leave your limbs scattered alone it!" The powerful saiyan shouted, releasing and shoving his friend back. The short saiyan knew that he had better kept his mouth shut from now on. He moved the large dragonball around in his arms, shifting the weight to his least tired hand. He just hoped that they were closer to their destination than he figured. It seemed however that they had been traveling for hours on end, it was almost admirable the way that his leader pressed on even to the point of fatigue. After all there was no one strong enough on his planet to beat them.


The beeping had become annoying, Trunks couldn't take anymore from it. He released the dragon radar from his pocket, jerking it up to his face in anger. He knew that this device could feel no pain, but he squeezed the item almost to a point of suffocation. "WHAT?!" Trunks yelled. "What the fuck is it that could not wait until I arrived at the base?" Trunks continued to look at the dragon locators screen. The digital voice did not need to say a word, the shocked look on Trunks face was all that was needed. He couldn't believe his eyes, there was another bleep on the screen, another dragonball, and it was heading straight for him!

How on earth could this ball be moving? None the less, it seemed the saiyan prince was about to find out. This dragonball was moving, and it was moving fast! Trunks decided that there was no reason to hide and scope out his competition, if it were a namekian attempting to move and hide this magical ball he would surely be destroyed. Trunks stood his ground high in the sky, awaiting what was coming towards him. He had no clue on the power of this approaching foe, but given the species on namek, it couldn't be very strong.

Within moments or seconds it seemed, the two warriors stood in front of the saiyan prince. Both fighters holding a smirk on their faces. It seemed they labeled Trunks as weak as well. Both fighters wore the traditional saiyan armor that his father once wore, just different in color. The young saiyan grinned, then spoke to these two men. "I see you have something of mind." Trunks stated, pointing towards the dragonball with his cold eyes. "Thanks for finding it, now hand it over!" The evil saiyan prince commanded of these two fighters. He figured they would not willingly hand over the ball, but it was worth a shot. He didn't have time to kill these two, he was on a very tight schedule.

Both the men before him turned their attention to one another, then back at Trunks. At the same time both began to laugh hysterically. Was this funny to them? Trunks figured that he would beat them into submission until they learned their lesson on judging a book by its cover. Trunks began to laugh as well, just more quietly with a more evil type of laugh. This seemed to spark the attention of the two fighters. The two armored warriors stopped laughing and got a bit more serious.

"Give it up?? You have got to be kiddin' me, boy! We are saiyans, you think we would give anything up without a fight?" Baas began to laugh once more, but was quickly cut off by the lavender haired warrior who stood across from him. Trunks jerked his arms down to his side, moving his legs into a battle stance. The young prince raised his eye brow as he spoke once more.

"Saiyans huh? Well bow to me, for I am your king!" Trunks said with pride. He figured this would piss the bastards off, and he was right. The tall bearded one up front pulled his fist up to his face, readying for battle. He nodded towards the shorter saiyan behind him that held the dragonball.

"Fool, you will surely die. Spazz, stay outta' this, I'll handle this guy." Baas only let out this quick command as the saiyan prince had already blasted towards him. Trunks still had his smile as he sent his right fist smashing into the tall saiyans face. Baas head shot backwards, giving him a bit of neck pain. The bearded warrior came with an attack of his own this time, thrusting his leg forward, burying his knee into Trunks gut. Trunks quickly placed both hands on Baas knee and launched himself into the air above them.

"Who's the fool now, asshole?" The saiyan prince barked as his body disappeared. Within seconds Trunks reappeared behind Baas, wrapping his arms around the saiyan. Trunks body began to emit a dark aura as he blasted even higher into the air, pulling the taller saiyan with him. As Trunks reached the limit in which his body could stand the lack of oxygen, he turned his direction back down towards the planets surface. The saiyan prince really began to pour on the speed at this point, darting down faster than a bullet. Suddenly, Trunks released his grip of Baas, forcing him down towards the rock hard ground. The bearded saiyan was now confused and dazed a bit from how fast he had been tugged through the atmosphere. By the time he had regained his senses, his body smashed into the ground.


The ground besides the fallen saiyan broke and unearthed itself. Baas body trapped down below the rocks and surface of the ground in which he floated above moments ago. Trunks wasted no time, he had already been in his fair share of battles to allow his opponent to get a break on him even for a second. Trunks lifted his arms up, forcing chi from his stomach and up his biceps then through his forearms and lastly stopping at his hands. Trunks could not help but laugh as he shot down a barrage of energy balls into the crater that his opponent just created. The saiyan prince was confident that his opponent would not come back from this attack.

Trunks turned his attention away from the smoldering ruins that his last opponent now laid, to the short saiyan holding the dragonball. The saiyan called Spazz, was now trembling in his saiyan boots. He had never seen someone straight up dominate Baas that way before. Trunks slowly approached the short warrior, "So I think you owe me something, or would you like to meet the same fate your pal ju-" Before Trunks could finish his statement he felt a muscular arm wrap around his neck. It was the saiyan Baas, he somehow survived the onslaught that Trunks had thrown upon him. Baas tugged hard on the saiyan princes neck, attempting to cut off oxygen to his brain, thus forcing his body to shut down. Trunks knew that this was not a good thing, he had to get out. Even being as powerful as he was, even with his saiyan powers he would not be able to avoid such a feat.

Trunks attempted to pull off his opponents locked in submission hold, but it was too tight. He needed to do something else and fast! As he released his grip on Baas arm, he felt his elbow smash into his enemies stomach. That would be his opening, this dumb ass left his gut out in the open, a rookie mistake that would cost him his life. Trunks launched his elbow back again, the bone of his arm dug deep into the rib cage of the bearded saiyan. The prince could almost feel Baas ribs snap after the impact of the first hit. Just as he intended, he released his grip just enough for Trunks to pull out. The saiyan prince was now free and this would be the end of this man. Trunks turned his body to face his target, placed his hand on his gut, and with a smirk, blasted a fucking hole through his back. The inner organs and intestines instantly degenerated. The only thing left was a lifeless, limp, saiyan body that feel down to the ground below.

Trunks turned back to Spazz, who was saved last time but it would not be the same this time. The saiyan princes shirt and face were now covered in the saiyan formerly known as Baas blood, sending fear through the heart of the short saiyan who held the dragonball. Trunks knew he had little time to destroy this excuse of a warrior, "Look, I'm going to give you the same choice. Give me the fucking ball or die." Trunks held out his hand.

Spazz thought for a moment, then decided life was more important. The short saiyan handed over the ball and blasted off into the opposite direction. Trunks now eyed his new prize. He now had two dragonballs, he was sure that this would please his comrade that he could now seek out. Sigea would surly be motivated to find these damned things now that Trunks had two in his possession. Trunks added this dragonball to his capsule collection and blasted off in the direction of Sigeas home. He had better be home or Trunks would destroy his kitchen looking for food.

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