Tasuda Chronicles: Hidden Powers

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Tasuda Chronicles: Hidden Powers

Post by Tasuda on 8/25/2012, 7:31 pm

Hidden Powers

Medium Quest

Requirement: Must have completed Crash and Burn.

Reward: 1,000 zeni, +700 XP, and +15 Hero Points.

You return with the word of the three Elders as proof of your good intentions, but the Grand Elder's guardian Rhez still doesn't trust you. He challenges you to a fight and if you can prove yourself in combat he will allow you past to visit with Guru, so he can unlock your hidden powers.

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Re: Tasuda Chronicles: Hidden Powers

Post by Tasuda on 8/27/2012, 2:21 am

The two faced one another. Neither warrior dared make the first move. Their eyes locked on and they didn’t budge. Not a word was spoken. Only the lapping of the water and the blowing of the wind made a noise. Their own minds battled one another. The poked and prodded one another’s weaknesses, trying to find an opening. Each one visualized their own attacks, then corrected while contemplating what the other would do. It was a stand-off like never before.

Both knew they were close to equal strength. Vilin thought about Tasuda’s teleportation and tried to find a way around it. It worried him as if anything, that would give him the match. Tasuda worried about how well he fought. Vilin was one of the closest guards to Guru and the only way to get there was to be the best.

Their antennae flew with the wind as their clothing ruffled. Each one locked onto the other’s heart beat and then they synced. They were as one. One mind, one heart, one spirit. When it began, it would be quick and there wouldn’t be one hit landed as each one already had the entire fight planned out.

Both fighters vanished, leaving only grass behind floating back down where it came from. The jade ocean became choppier as shock waves struck the surface. Loud explosions could be heard but not seen by the naked eye as their limbs struck one another.

Tasuda ducked under a hook that was meant to take his head off if he’d timed it incorrectly. His fist came up for an uppercut but was interrupted by Vilin’s other hand as it struck his palm. He flipped around sending a knee towards the back of his head which only met Tasuda’s forearm.

They pushed off, floating in the air and took a quick breather. Neither had yet to land a hit. Both were trying to play to their strengths while adapting to the other. It was turning into a battle where neither could adapt.

Both threw their hands forward launching a beam of energy. Tasuda tilted his hands forcing the beam to veer off course missing Vilin’s beam. He tilted the beam again and it collided with the trail interrupting the flow as it got a mere foot from him. The beam straightened out and they fought over the remaining space before Vilin would be struck.

Waves of destructive energy spread out tearing the small island to shreds, sending the grass that was torn from it’s home, sinking down into the ocean with the rest. The ocean didn’t know how to act. It wanted a flow but the energy interrupted it causing it to go in all directions that brought about a storm of waves.

The sea life below fought against the currents that were stirring them up. The planet seemed to groan under the pressure of the two warriors. Both added more energy for for a moment, neither seemed to give until Vilin cut his and straffed to the left, moving around the beam, forcing Tasuda off balance.

Vilin’s fist struck Tasuda’s cheek sending him crashing into the ocean with the remaining island. It didn’t take long to recover as he positioned himself to face the direction of the Guardian. It was amazing what this one could do. He vanished, leaving a small whirlpool in his wake as he teleported. He appeared, his fist smashing into Vilin’s face as he flew by. He spun around and connected his shin to the side of his head sending him crashing through the surface of the ocean.

He retreated up higher, giving him enough room to maneuver if need be. After a few seconds, a giant malestrom appeared, parting the waters, revealing Vilin and a massive ball of water. This was going to turn out badly if he wasn’t careful.

Vilin focused, using his energy to carry water molecules into the orb. It was a mixture of energy and water giving it physical properties that would make it difficult to block. Trying to would surely make you drown. Unless you knew how to control the energy which wasn’t easy with it so broken up.

The massive ball of water was launched, floating towards Tasuda. Tasuda moved but it changed direction. It would follow him. But it was moving slow enough that if he kept an eye on it, he could easily outrun. His aura exploded around him as he shot around the giant orb. He had miscalculated. Vilin released the hold and shot into the walls of the ocean as the massive orb came crashing down upon him. The waters crushed him and he was caught in a violent twister of water. He was smacked against the ground a few times. He couldn’t focus his energy to save him from drowning and his own air supply was dwindling.

Tasuda couldn’t believe he fell for an attack. It was a rookie mistake. He knew using the Spirit Bomb in the other universe that orbs that size will fall much faster than they will raise. And now he was paying the price.

Vilin shot out of the water and looked down at the massive torrent of the current that he had caused. He was breathing deeply, both from lack of oxygen, as well as the attack taking a lot out of him. It seemed to take forever for the water to calm down, but it finally did. Tasuda was nowhere to be seen. Even a warrior their calibre couldn’t hold their breath for that long.

He was beginning to worry, but that worry was replaced with pain in his gut as Tasuda sent his knee crashing deep into his stomach. Vilin bent over, unable to help himself as his body contracted in response. Then another blow sent him racing toward the water. He suddenly stopped, his neck catching Tasuda’s hand. This gave Vilin all the time he needed as he refocused himself. He spun himself around and sent a knee to Tasuda’s head, but it was stopped by his other hand. He was still loose from his grip though.

The two warriors backed away from one another. Sweat mixed with the water from the ocean masking how much the other had really worked them. Both breathed deeply, catching their breaths. Tasuda’s muscles ached from the bashing around underwater he had gone through while Vilin was exhausted from the attack he had done that caused Tasuda’s injuries. The two of them floated face to face, neither one willing to make the next move.

Tasuda’s aura ignited, followed by Vilin’s. Both with sapphire auras dancing around like an open flame, lighting up each one’s features. Their eyes seemed to glow as energy coursed through them.

Vilin fired a stream of energy while Tasuda rushed forward, knocking the stream away as if it was simply a fly. The energy stopped and they clashed. Knees colliding sending shockwaves once again that disrupted the land. Vilin’s fist connected with Tasuda’s jaw while Tasuda’s elbow connected with Vilin’s neck.

Both snapped out of it quickly and once again went at it. Blows were delivered and parried by the other, making this into a game of who was faster. They were both on edge, pushing their bodies as hard as they could.

Guru made a worried grunt as his home shook. The other Guardians left the house in hopes they could see what was going on. They could feel the pressure of the energy coming off as the two warriors fought about thirty miles to the east.

“What the hell is going on?” Goris looks on at the flashed that happened off in the distance.

Lyr smiled. “It’s Tasuda and Vilin. Looks like their sending one another through their paces.”

It wasn’t a mystery that Vilin didn’t trust the new Namekian that claimed he was from an alternate universe. Not many did trust him, except the elders did. It was like they knew who he was. He had proven to be a decent enough namekian. Providing help when he could. He saved a couple hundred Namekians only a week prior. He had quickly proven himself. Now he was being tested for the position of Guardian. And at this rate, even if he didn’t win, he was in.

Tasuda ducked around another punch. Placing his hand on Vilin’s wrist, he pulled as his head launched forward, smashing into his nose with the top of his head. Blood sprayed from the hit, forcing Vilin to retreat to stop the watering of his eyes. His nose was broken which hurt like hell and his eyes watered reducing his defenses.

He wasn’t prepared when Tasuda’s next attack came in as he yanked the hand holding the nose away and connected his elbow to it, breaking it even more. This was followed up with several open palm strikes to his chest and a knee to his kidney.

Vilin was done. He couldn’t see, he could barely breath as blood filled his lungs from his nose. He coughed, blood spraying. Tasuda backed away. Fight was over. It had gone a little further than either had wanted, but both knew what one another was capable of.

“You fight well Tasuda. I guess I should stick with my word and take you for your gift.”

Tasuda bowed. He had a lot of respect for this Namekian. Loyalty and determination were all that this warrior knew. Both warriors took off, Vilin doing what he could to reduce the flow of blood. It wasn’t too long before the other Guardians came into view. All five were watching them approach, and once they saw the blood from Vilin, they knew who one. Tasuda was hardly any better, but he wasn’t bleeding. Just every muscle hurt in him.

They landed and both were helped by a couple of the Guardians. They were taken to a room where a healer awaited. Tasuda and Vilin both winced as they laid down on the stone beds. One of the healers walked over and laid their hands on his body. Soon he was asleep.

He walked among the clouds. Shadows of people surrounded him. Daison, Goku, Gohan, Tano, Zarbon. Even Sephiroth, King Cold, Vier, Dabura all surrounded him. He couldn’t tell exactly who they were, but he could feel them. Then one by one, each one vanished and he began to forget them. Even his friends.

“No! Wait! Stay with me! I have...” Then they were gone. “No one.” He was alone. Everything grew darker as another Shadow appeared. Once it made its face known, anger struck. “Pico! This is your doing isn’t it?”

Pico grinned. “Mine? Yes and no. You will never see me again, but I will see you. What you have coming up will be a series of events that will test your very being. Good luck.” There was a sadistic grin as even he faded, but it was just the name Pico. His face remained and the name Tano.

His eyes slowly opened. Looking over, Vilin was sitting up. His nose was fine now, not the mess Tasuda had left it in.

“Who’s Tano?”

Tasuda thought a moment. “Some man. I don’t know. I can’t really place it. I feel like a large part of my past is now gone. I know I’ve had friends, but they all seem gone now. Vacant from my mind.”

Vilin looked at him and smiled. “Well, you can call me a friend then. By the sounds of it you could use them.”

He wasn’t sure what to think. He felt like a new person, happy and content. He knew he sought peace and maybe he had finally found it. None of his past memories were there fully. He knew he’s died a few times. Knew his position as a Paladin. But he knew nothing of anyone from his past life. They were all just a hole in his mind.

“Come if you are rested. Guru would like to see you.”

Both stood up and headed up to where Guru rested. He was asleep when they arrived. Both crossed their legs and waited for the Grand Elder to wake. Guru he knew from his past. Both a teacher and a friend. He had been charged with protecting him before, with someone he couldn’t remember. It was at the tip of his tongue, but he couldn’t say it and it was starting to drive him crazy.

“Do not worry my son. Your memories will return with time. Your mind is simply allowing you to adapt to this universe. It’s aligning itself. As you come into contact with your past, they will fill in the blanks. And you will begin to remember everyone again.”

Tasuda didn’t like the blanks in his mind, but he’d have to deal. He did know his purpose though. He would raise the Paladins in this universe. He just needed heroes to side with him for this. The Ascended Knights would rise again. But not the way they were before.

“I know my purpose Master Guru. I know what I must do, and though I wish I could stay here to protect our people, I cannot.”

Guru nodded. “I know. I’ve seen your mind. That is why I know I was able to trust you. Your destiny lies with the large war that wages between good and evil. This is why I wish to give you this gift before you leave.”

Tasuda bowed, his forehead touching the ground. Then you stood up. He knew exactly what to do. He’s gone through it a couple times before. Standing beneath Guru, the massive hand rested on his head. He could feel barriers shatter as a flood of energy rushed through him. His aura erupted uncontrollably around him as it fought to keep his body in one piece instinctively.

It was done almost as soon as it began, though Tasuda could feel the power coursing through him. He stepped away looking at his hands. He felt different, but knew he was still him. His fists clenched. He knew who he had to look for, though he didn’t know the name. It was a Saiyan. One he had been friends with before. He knew instinctively he would know his name when he saw him.

“I must leave as soon as I can master.”

Vilin stood up. “Tasuda, must you go?”

Tasuda nodded. “There are evils out there. Just like you must defend this planet when the time comes, so must I defend the Galaxy. It is the only way I can save this planet. Otherwise it will never end.”

Vilin fully understood. He had thought about leaving many times and no one but himself stopped him. He knew Tasuda’s desire and therefore wished he could go with. But his place was here by Guru’s side. And while Tasuda was off saving the Galaxy, he’d be here training even harder. He would push his own group harder. He wasn’t about to let any of them get behind Tasuda. They had someone to keep up with and they would be there if he needed them.

“What will you do till you leave?”

Tasuda thought a moment. “I need to meditate for a bit. I will remain here for a little while longer, but I suspect I will be leaving soon.” He figured the best way was to just leave when he could, but he had to wait for his teleport ability to return. He overused it the past couple of weeks, now his body couldn’t do it. So instead, he’d just leave and keep to himself as he rested his mind. He didn’t want to be influenced in staying. “I will say my goodbyes now. Farewell my friends and master.” He bowed to all of them and took off.

He had to plan what he was going to do. First was to find if the Avalonians existed in this universe. Maybe they hadn’t gone on their campaign or left to envelop the other planets into their empire. He’d have to find out when he got off Namek. This planet was too isolated. It was good for them, but it was hard to get any news in the state of the rest of the universe. Even the Galactic Station was very simple. A waiting area and launch pad.

Namekians even wrote when the next flight was. They were always against technology, feeling it would ruin their way of life. And it did. Even the ships that came and went was changing the Namekian way of thinking. And because of their peaceful ways, other races sought to hunt them down and abuse them. Maybe after he tipped the balance of the galaxy into their favor, he’d return to Namek and be its protector till the day he died... again.

He couldn’t rest until the galaxy was balanced again. It was the only thing he could think of. He had a lot of work and he had to train. He would fight till the bitter end and even then, keep on fighting as fate has decreed he would not die. He was cursed with a sense of immortality, without being immortal. The gods would simply send him back to Earth where he would continue the struggle.

Maybe this time he wouldn’t be alone though. This time he would have friends with him. People he could rely on. And they were all in his mind, he just had to access them. It would be awhile before he would be ready.

Landing on a grassy hill, he sat down and crossed his legs. Closing his mind, he reached out. It didn’t go past his own mind. Just as he feared, he lost his psychic powers. He worked to clear his mind. He needed to begin training himself for the struggle ahead. He needed an aresenal. The people here were nice enough to help equip him. But he had more he needed to get. Right now, he knew nothing. He had the knowledge, but not power.


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