Easy Pickings Quest

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Easy Pickings Quest

Post by Future Trunks on 8/26/2012, 1:27 pm

Easy Pickings

Easy Quest

Requirement: None

Reward: 1,000 zeni and +10 Villain Points.

The Nameks are such a peaceful people, that sometimes they don't even know when there is a threat upon them You hear that a small village that has ancient relics from the old Namek civilization, which could be quite valuable. You decide to take them for yourself, but find that the village's Elder used to be apart of the Warrior Clan. Despite his age, he is a master of the martial arts. Survive his counter attack and take your prize

It had only been a few hours since Trunks had found the second of seven magical dragonballs. The young saiyan could hardly stand much longer, he was nearing his fatigue limit. Trunks had not slept in what seemed like days, and with the destruction that he had bestowed on planet namek, he was completely exhausted. Although Trunks was heading for his alliances home that Sigea had already built on namek, he didn't feel as if he could go any further without some kind of nap. The saiyan prince floated down towards what seemed like a safe and quiet spot below him.

'I've got to get some shut eye. I'm completely exhausted.' Trunks thought to himself as he sat down near a large, rocky hill, propping his back on it to keep himself ready for any type of attack even in his sleep. It didn't take but a few moments of closing his eyes and resting his head on the rocks behind him in order to knock him out. Trunks would wake up not long from now and continue his search, with or without the warrior Sigea. He just needed to rest for now, to regain his strength.


"Elder, we have moved all of our artifacts to a safer place as you wished." A taller namekian said. He wore a turban over his head, obviously to shield him from the many suns rays. Although, namekians could not actually get a sun burn. The tall namekian held a large gold replica of some type of strange tree, possibly just a planet. The way he held the item showed the importance it had on him, it must have been worth something. The elder namekian turned around to face this younger warrior.

"Good work. We must now go into hiding. Due to the events that have taken place with the stealing of the dragonballs, we cannot afford to let our village be destroyed as well. When this saiyan arrives, he will assume we are gone." The elder stood from his kneeling position. He looked calm, but it was only on the outside he felt this way, inside he was scared to death. Scared for himself, scared for his brothers, scared for his planet. If this evil managed to take over the dragonballs, it could spell doom for the entire planet, possibly even the universe.

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